On The Road with Mikala Jones – Giveaway Winner #2

posted by / Adam No Category / September 18, 2008

Congratulations to TJ Metcalf of Kailua, Hawaii – our Second winner of the On The Road with Mikala Jones Giveaway.

Tj has won:
- A Split Backpack full of Split gear including the Mikala Jones Boardshorts
- A Chapter 1 Wetsuit Jacket from Matuse
- A Pair of new TRON shoes from Osiris
- A Pair of Calavera shades from Dragon
- The Mikala Jones Traction Pad and Leash from Destination Surf
- A set of clear Hex fins from Future Fins
- And a Fully Loaded Verta V Module which includes a Shelter Face Stick and Sun Restance Cream

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