Shapers: A Family Tree

posted by / Adam No Category / November 27, 2006

The Shaper’s Tree, a unique, living document, comes with a caveat: the names, influences and dates represented are a work in progress. While we polled the sport’s most prolific shapers and historians to gather the data, much of the informantion in this document is still in the process of being refined and expanded upon. In fact, there are certainly several important shapers missing. From our master database of over 1200 shapers, only 720 had complete enough information to make the final tree — it is our hope that with your help, this vital piece of surf history can continue to grow.


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  • Lorenzo

    Please contact me with updates as I noticed you have a few spelling updates and missing shapers to your Family Tree. I am helping Andy Anderson from Stoked-n-Board affiliated with the Surfing Heritage Foundation update his comprehensive lists of shapers, etc. Please email me when you get a chance and I would love to help you update your awesome Shapers Family Tree. For example, Chris Hawk, like his brother Sam Hawk, shaped boards and it would be cool for him to be added to your Tree. Thanks and Stay Stoked!