Fit for Surf #3: More Pre-Surf Stretching with Peggy Hall

posted by / Stuart / February 28, 2009

PH: This has got to be one of my all-time favorites! Ahh…doesn’t that feel great? The more you practice these moves

The Life Australian: Gold Coast Layday

posted by / Stuart / February 28, 2009

The corner office-types on tour get plenty of perks to help offset the…trauma…of surfing professionally. What’s the biggest advantage to

Fit for Surf #2: Top Pre-Surf Stretches from Peggy Hall

posted by / Stuart / February 24, 2009

In her ongoing crusade to improve you, Peggy Hall offers this: first in a hit-list of the best yoga poses

Fit For Surf #1 – Check Yourself with Wellness Expert Peggy Hall

posted by / Stuart / February 20, 2009

The original Yoga for Surfers DVD came my way in a prize pack at some 13-Under surf contest years ago.

Giving Against the Grain: Kekoa Cazimero

posted by / Stuart / February 13, 2009

Being philanthropic doesn’t top most people’s to-do lists right now. With a 401(k) off 50% and a house that’s worth

From Couch-o Simpo… (Day 4)

posted by / Stuart / February 12, 2009

“I’m just out on the couch, trying to recover,” would be Brett’s status update on Facebook right now. If he

From Couch-o Simpo… (Day 3)

posted by / Stuart / February 11, 2009

Brett loves surfing, his girlfriend Danielle, and basketball. Today he got a bit of all three, starting with stunning offshore

From Couch-o Simpo… (Day 2)

posted by / Stuart / February 10, 2009

Today started early with a call from not one, and not two, but rather three photographers all wanting a piece

From Couch-o Simpo…

posted by / Stuart / February 9, 2009

Literally, on Brett Simpson’s sofa (nice sofa). The Phoenix Suns are losing to the 76ers, and Brett’s still mourning Cleveland’s

WILL IT BLEND? Shapers and Clothing Companies

posted by / Stuart / February 3, 2009

I remember when Andy Irons rode Arakawa boards under HIC (I remember when he had an undercut, too, the poor

My Other Board is a Prius.

posted by / Stuart / January 31, 2009

Full disclosure: I wasn’t at ASR. Condolences to anyone who was. The physical wounds heal quickly, sure – calloused hands

The silliest things come out of Scott Bass’s keyboard.

posted by / Stuart / January 30, 2009

…but his surf reporting on KPBS 89.5 FM in San Diego is unbelievable. He speaks like a rapid-fire auctioneer taking

Rising from the Ashes of Quiksilver

posted by / Stuart / January 28, 2009

If you’re starting a prog-metal band and you want to take the title of this post as your name, that’s

Andy’s 2010 Wildcard Doesn’t Matter

posted by / Stuart / January 27, 2009

There’s a fair measure of vitriol bouncing around about Andy Irons’ WCT wildcard in 2010. The ASP has given Andy

Surf Industry Backpedaling: End of Head-to-Toe?

posted by / Stuart / January 25, 2009

The San Diego Union Tribune has weighed in on surfing’s industrial woes, finding the woes to be strong and healthy

Fuel TV part 2: Iron Gym

posted by / Stuart / January 23, 2009

Just this morning, Surfing’s editorial #2 Travis Ferre told me he’s never been in a gym ever, not once in

The Previews are the Best Part

posted by / Stuart / January 21, 2009

I largely ignore the video section on our website. Sorry. Extended clothing commercials posing as surf footy are not my

How will you evolve surf videos?

posted by / Stuart / January 20, 2009

I just saw Trilogy for the first time, just now. I didn’t buy the DVD or borrow it or burn

Reviewing my Christmas presents #2: New Balance M410 Shoes

posted by / Stuart / January 14, 2009

In this series of posts, I review some of my choice gifts from Christmas morn. In the spirit of patriotic

JS/Stab Magazine

posted by / Stuart / January 13, 2009

J.S. is a top-notch set of initials to have. An account of all the world’s venerable JS’s could be its

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