Jason Miller

Jason Miller


Adam Virs Signs with J7 Surfboards

posted by / Press / March 8, 2011

J7 Surfboards is pleased to announce the addition of Adam Virs to its team roster of professional surfers and test pilots.

Quik Pro Day 2 in Black & White

posted by / Photos / March 7, 2011

Moments and portraits from the long-awaited return of competition in Coolangatta

Photos by Steve Sherman

Zoltan Torkos Pulls First Kickflip on a Surfboard

posted by / News / March 4, 2011

Go ahead and see it now, so you can get back to your life

Billabong Bloodlines // Part 1 of 4: The ISA Crew

posted by / Photos, Video / March 2, 2011

Video and gallery from Billabong’s elite junior surf camp on the North Shore

Matt Meola’s Winning Innersection

posted by / Video / March 2, 2011

The video that nabbed a 21-year-old Maui unknown $100k

Introducing Olam

posted by / News / March 1, 2011

The story of Olam is a story of loss

Gavin Gillette Drops In!

posted by / News / March 1, 2011

Gavin stops by and talks shop

Alejo Muniz // Western Africa // 3:47

posted by / Video / March 1, 2011

Alejo gets off the grid and lays down some fresh tracks as he preps for the Quik Pro on the Gold Coast

Matt Banting // Australia // 3:03

posted by / Video / February 27, 2011

Some chitter chatter about Matt getting the Quik Pro wildcard…but then some rippin’!

April Issue 2011 Wallpaper

posted by / Photos / February 27, 2011

All the best from SURFING’s Photo Dept. on the North Shore

Cody Thompson + Chase Wilson // Newport Beach // 1:35

posted by / Video / February 23, 2011

The hottest hundred yards can still be the funnest hundred, even when it’s cold out

Barkeep…Another Round! ­— Matt Meola

posted by / Blogs / February 23, 2011

Have drinks with any five people, alive or dead — who would they be?

April Issue 2011 Surfing Magazine

posted by / Magazine / February 22, 2011

The North Shore Underground. Let’s give credit where credit’s due

Win Tickets to the XXL Big Wave Awards

posted by / News / February 22, 2011

Root on your favorite big wave surfer and share a drink with the world’s best

Sun Diego Signs Damien Hobgood

posted by / News / February 22, 2011

Damien is stoked to represent his local shop in San Diego

SURFING Magazine’s 2011 Swimsuit Issue is Coming April 5th

posted by / Swim, Video / February 22, 2011

Get your first look at the 2011 Swimsuit Issue.

The Ennd is Near

posted by / News / February 22, 2011

Corona presents Innersection’s $100,000 GoPro Hero Award Show on the Gold Coast

Ry Craike // W.A. // 4:25

posted by / Video / February 21, 2011

Left-hand huckabout in the rural Australian west

Dirty Harry: Volume 2 Teaser

posted by / Video / February 20, 2011

Jason Harris returns with a second round of action

Gallery: A Very Hawaiian February

posted by / Photos / February 18, 2011

When the surf industry leaves on December 20th, the party doesn’t stop. And by the looks of Tom Carey’s images, we were just there for the pregame.