You Are Here: Mega Semahdi, Padang Cup Winner

posted by / News / August 14, 2013

You Are Here, Nathan MyersHe’s been competing in the Padang Cup since the very beginning.

About time this kid won it

You Are Here: Cam Richards

posted by / Blogs / August 1, 2013

You Are Here, Nathan MyersA talk with Dane Reynolds’ most unlikely rival, Cam Richards.

(He’s friends with Jamie Foxx)

You Are Here: Josh Kerr, Kingslayer

posted by / Blogs / June 26, 2013

You Are Here, Nathan MyersKerrzy just skipped over Round Five by smoking Kelly and John John.

Wanna hear how he did it?

You Are Here: CJ Hobgood, Veteran

posted by / Blogs / June 26, 2013

You Are Here, Nathan MyersIf God says he stinks, CJ Hobgood will quit the WCT tour tomorrow.

Right now though, he smells like napalm in the morning.

You Are Here: Leif Engstrom, Free Surfer

posted by / Blogs / June 25, 2013

You Are Here, Nathan MyersNew York’s aerialist came to Bali to hook up for an interview

The interview never happened. But a bunch of other stuff did

You Are Here: Mick Curley, Bali Photographer

posted by / Blogs / June 20, 2013

You Are Here, Nathan MyersWhile the Oakley Pro Bali takes a moment to catch its breath,

Photographers get a moment to sift through some of their images.

You Are: Oney Anwar, Local Wild Card

posted by / Blogs / June 17, 2013

You Are Here, Nathan MyersIndonesia 18-year-old Oney Anwar just won the local wild card to his second WCT event, the Oakley Pro Bali

Big deal, right. Well….yeah, it is

This Has Everything To Do With Surfing: We Dream of Islands

posted by / Magazine / May 29, 2013

If you dream long enough, it may come true

What G-Land might hide there?

Andrew Doheny, Ford Archbold, Alex Knost and maybe Dane // Remind Me To Forget Trailer // 2:02

posted by / Video / May 20, 2013

Is this potentially the art-weirdy-ist surf movie since that girl put a loaf of bread on her shoulder?

We have no idea. But Jack Coleman always makes for interesting trailers. (Oh wait, this isn’t him. Now what?)

You Are Here: Joel Fitzgerald, Single-Fin Guy

posted by / Blogs / May 16, 2013

You Are Here, Nathan MyersHe is the son of the Sultan of Speed.

As if he needs an excuse for going super fast.

Moony, Fuller, Rotherham // Isolated Trailer // 2:36

posted by / Video / April 21, 2013

Is Hollywood hottie Ryan Phillipe making a surf movie?

There’s no I in melodrama

Tom Lowe // Ireland // 6:43

posted by / Video / April 18, 2013

Irish surf edits tend to be very dark, scary and emotional

This one is all that and more

The Boomerang Principle

posted by / Magazine / April 8, 2013

Traveling is the best

Coming home is even better

North of Nowhere // Ireland // 5:13

posted by / Video / April 1, 2013

This short film by Peter Clyne just took 2nd Place at the first Irish Film Festival

And since you can’t watch first place yet…

Teiki Ballian // India // 3:24

posted by / Video / March 26, 2013

Best mainland India footage ever. And best soundtrack played on driftwood ever

If either of those things appeal to you

Creed McTaggart // West Oz // 9:24

posted by / Video / March 19, 2013

Dark slab bashing. Cosmic throwback rock. Beautiful cinematography.

Yep, it’s all there.

Festival Express

posted by / Magazine / March 12, 2013

Move over Tribeca and Sundance

Make way for Tel Aviv and Rapa Nui

THETDWS: Shut Up And Dance

posted by / Magazine / March 8, 2013

Surfing alone is good

Just don’t tell anybody about it

You Are Here: Harrison Roach

posted by / Blogs / February 4, 2013

You Are Here, Nathan MyersDo pro longboarders hate themselves?

Or do they just act like that so they can have all the waves?

Garrett McNamara & Kealii Mamala // Nazaré // 3:45

posted by / Video / January 30, 2013

Biggest waves ever surfed?

Decide for yourself.

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