Who Sponsors Backdoor?

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / March 3, 2011

As in, the wave itself?

Part of a series on how surfing might better capitalize on social media

Barney: Conversation with a Legend

posted by / News / March 3, 2011

The man has been the man for decades now. Let us not forget. Let us be reminded.

Photos and interview by Tom Carey

Danny Fuller + Makua Rothman // Pipeline // 3:20

posted by / Video / March 3, 2011

Highlights from the 2010/2011 winter at Pipe

Directed by Danny Fuller

If You Want Healey, This is What I’ll Give Ya

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / March 2, 2011

Out of Office ReplyUnderwater meditation, poking sharks, and going left at Maverick’s: Outtakes from the Mark Healey interview in SURFING’s Hawaii Issue

Mason Ho // Earth // 4:02

posted by / Video / March 2, 2011

All around ripping from this generation’s underground overachiever — to the sounds of Slick Rick

Barkeep…Another Round! ­— Warren Smith

posted by / Blogs / March 1, 2011

It’s like your fantasy drinking team. Warren Smith drafts a roster of history makers and intellectuals

PLA Stands For…

posted by / News / March 1, 2011

Most original answer gets limited Analog trunks from their Permanent Light Archive series — a photographic artist collab.


Update: Winners chosen. Thanks to everyone for PLAying

You Are Here: Mike Losness

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / February 28, 2011

You Are Here, Nathan Myers“Responsible” and “Pro Surfer” generally aren’t terms I’d associate with each other

Dark Side of the Lens

posted by / Video / February 27, 2011

Visual stimulus extraordinaire c/o Irish surf photographer Mickey Smith

I’m On A Boat!

posted by / Photos / February 26, 2011

Image Gallery Six good old boys from the American mainland ball out in Mentawai luxe


Photos by Nate Lawrence

The Tour Comes to Coolanghetto

posted by / News / February 26, 2011

Top ASP surfers are on the Gold Coast contesting the season-opening Quiksilver Pro, but even as they do battle with each other, they must avoid a plague of violence that’s swept the region, earning it the nickname “Coolanghetto”

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Day 1: More of the Same

posted by / News / February 25, 2011

Déjà vu too much for some on the first day of competition

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

posted by / News / February 24, 2011

SURFING’s Jimmicane (passion) and Jason Miller (logic) get their fantasy team houses in order for the season opener at Snapper Rocks (February 26 — March 9)

Taj Burrow // Burleigh Heads // 2:15

posted by / Video / February 24, 2011

RIghthand runners and Taj showing why he’s not behind a desk at Billabong yet

Elevens: 11 Threads for 2011

posted by / News / February 24, 2011

Upstarts and fringe brands making top-notch stuff this year

Clay Marzo // Maui // 2:11

posted by / Video / February 24, 2011

Clay goes right on a few! But then…mostly goes left again

Mick + Joel + Koby // South Australia // 3:50

posted by / Video / February 23, 2011

Six-foot slabs give way to a nice wide bank for the boys to lean into

Coffin Bros. + Dillon Perillo // Santa Barbara // 5:32

posted by / Video / February 22, 2011

Fun-size Rincon getting taken apart by Conner, Parker and Dillon

The iSurfboard?

posted by / News / February 22, 2011

New computer-surfboard hybrid translates style into stats

Creative Destruction: Chapter 6 // Part 2

posted by / Video / February 22, 2011

A stacked crew scored P-Pass barrels so heavy, it’s guitarded

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