North Shore Underground: The Winner Speaks

posted by / News / February 10, 2011

It’s official — Sion Milosky took down the Vans x SURFING North Shore Underground project. There’s no questioning it — our only question now is what he’ll do with $25k

Timmy Reyes // North Shore // 2:28

posted by / Video / January 30, 2011

Timmy stands up straight and tall in the new year

Elevens: 11 Predictions for 2010

posted by / News / January 30, 2011

Our forecast of the year that just ended — because guessing the future is hard

Now Seeking Simple Ideas to Make Surfing Better

posted by / News / January 25, 2011

What’s your Simple idea to make surfing better this year? Pitch it. We’re waiting to dole out new kicks for innovative feets

Luke Davis // Lower Trestles // 2:28

posted by / Video / January 24, 2011


Filmmaker: Noah Alani
Waves: Clean and banky with some thin lips for the chuckin’

Stab & Dodge

posted by / Video / January 19, 2011

We didn’t make this, but the fact that someone did is pretty satisfying

Elevens: 11 Predictions for 2011

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / January 18, 2011

Trends and events to watch for in the coming year

Coffin Bros. + Evan G. // Narrabeen // 1:46

posted by / Video / January 9, 2011

Remember Flip Bellinzoni in …Lost’s The Decline? “This isn’t fuckin’ skateboarding!” But this clip is. It is fuckin’ skateboarding, ramps and all

Josh Kerr // Bali // 4:06

posted by / Video / January 9, 2011

Footy that didn’t make the cut for Josh’s forthcoming film, Kerrazy Kronicles

North Shore Underground: The Hank Episode

posted by / Video / January 1, 2011

Hippie Hana Hank: Once the next big thing out of Maui. Still maybe the next big thing out of Maui

MAKERS: The Movie Issue

posted by / Video / December 30, 2010

A sampling of work from the four young filmmakers we profiled in SURFING’s Movie Issue [Feb. 2011]

North Shore Underground: The Maui Boys’ Passion Pit

posted by / News / December 28, 2010

The kids who crash here crash for love

Synopsis & Video: Pipe Masters Final Day

posted by / News, Video / December 17, 2010

Moments that mattered on Pipe’s final day — nothing more, nothing less

North Shore Underground: Evan (and Brittney), at Rest

posted by / News / December 15, 2010

North Shore Underground

A conversation with Evan and his lovely babe

North Shore Underground: It Ain’t Surfing, But It’s A Living

posted by / News / December 14, 2010

North Shore Underground

When sponsors stopped ponying dough, Mikey Bruneau sought new employment. This is what it took to become a Hawaiian lifeguard

North Shore Underground: The Storm Before the Calm

posted by / News / December 12, 2010

Last week’s north swell was the rare bright spot in a dismal Hawaiian forecast. The boys didn’t let it go to waste

North Shore Underground: Best Laid Plans

posted by / News / December 8, 2010

As the Pipeline Masters gets its heat on, Hawaiian underground surfers scatter in search of their own proverbial trophies — before the swell disappears

North Shore Underground: The Estate of Hui

posted by / News / December 8, 2010

Marcus Hickman shares a domicile with the North Shore’s least-crossed clan

North Shore Underground: The Criteria

posted by / News / December 2, 2010

How do we dole out Vans’ $25,000 slush fund to our Underground Surfer of the Year? We don’t. We wait for him to step up and claim it

North Shore Underground: Hank on Hank

posted by / News / November 30, 2010

“Nearly everything went to plan.” —Hank Gaskell, whose amateur record presaged bigger things than this

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