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#LooseBehavior // Leucadia // 1:45

posted by / Video / November 21, 2012

T.F.R Gallery hosted the event

And of course, #loosebehavior lived up to it’s name

January Issue Outtakes: Kelly Slater Interview

posted by / Magazine / November 20, 2012

A brief interview with The Champion about growing up in Florida, his influences of yesterday and today.

See if you made the cut!

2012 Rip Curl Gromsearch National Finals Recap

posted by / Photos / November 19, 2012

Who are the USA’s best young surfers?

They rummaged, they found.

Patagonia Launches First Neoprene-Alternative Wetsuit

posted by / News / November 19, 2012

The introduction of a guayule-based wetsuit

We’re intrigued by the alternative

Arnette And Bad Brains Celebrate Two Decades

posted by / News / November 19, 2012

On November 30 At The Belly Up

Because icons never go out of fashion

A Coldwater Thanksgiving

posted by / Lightbox / November 19, 2012

Indians and Pilgrims gather to give thanks

Let us pray. Thank you for this bounty we are about to receive…

2012 Reef Hawaiian Pro Day 1 – 3 Video Highlights

posted by / Video / November 19, 2012

Choose your adventure or partake in all three

Haleiwa delivers

I, Leslie, Take You, Hattera

posted by / Magazine / November 18, 2012

Treat a woman right and you shall be rewarded

Leslie dished out her fair share of gifts during this swell.

The Not So Far East

posted by / Magazine, Photos / November 18, 2012

The East Coast can offer up some pleasent surprises

Here’s a peak into our East Coast issue

Girl: Lisa Andersen

posted by / Magazine / November 18, 2012

Lisa andersen has been all around the world winning world titles

But, there’s no place like home for her

Threat: Tanner Strohmenger

posted by / Magazine / November 18, 2012

Tanner is leading the charge of new crop of up-and-coming East Coasters

The future is bright for this one

Buy a Tee, Support Hurricane Sandy Relief

posted by / News / November 16, 2012

Senior Photographer DJ Struntz’s images grace Hurley tees

Wear your charity

Jesse Guglielmana // Hawaii // 1:36

posted by / Video / November 15, 2012

Surf and skate

November’s exploits

Jeremy Carter // San Clemente // 2:42

posted by / Video / November 15, 2012

The oldest Carter brother, in and around town

Blasting fins and releasing tail

2012 Triple Crown Predictions: Haleiwa

posted by / News / November 14, 2012

Part one of three, The Reef Hawaiian Pro

A forecast of Haleiwa’s action

4th Annual Liberian Surfing Contest

posted by / News / November 14, 2012

Men, women, and junior event on Nov. 17-18 at Robertsport, Liberia

Let’s gather in the spirit of competition

Surf Ride // Bali // 5:16

posted by / Video / November 14, 2012

Surf Ride headed to Bali to contest in the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge

Post contest, the fun began

Jake Halstead // La Jolla // 1:27

posted by / Video / November 14, 2012

Three October days

“The Shack Attack”

Cam Irwin // WaveJet // 3:47

posted by / Video / November 12, 2012

An inspirational clip showcasing his stoke for surfing

He’s out there no matter what

Sunny Garcia wins 2012 HIC PRO

posted by / News / November 12, 2012

Sunny repeats victory at Sunset 20 years later

Plenty of sunshine at Sunset for Sunny