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Arnette And Bad Brains Celebrate Two Decades

posted by / News / November 19, 2012

On November 30 At The Belly Up

Because icons never go out of fashion

A Coldwater Thanksgiving

posted by / Lightbox / November 19, 2012

Indians and Pilgrims gather to give thanks

Let us pray. Thank you for this bounty we are about to receive…

2012 Reef Hawaiian Pro Day 1 – 3 Video Highlights

posted by / Video / November 19, 2012

Choose your adventure or partake in all three

Haleiwa delivers

I, Leslie, Take You, Hattera

posted by / Magazine / November 18, 2012

Treat a woman right and you shall be rewarded

Leslie dished out her fair share of gifts during this swell.

The Not So Far East

posted by / Magazine, Photos / November 18, 2012

The East Coast can offer up some pleasent surprises

Here’s a peak into our East Coast issue

Girl: Lisa Andersen

posted by / Magazine / November 18, 2012

Lisa andersen has been all around the world winning world titles

But, there’s no place like home for her

Threat: Tanner Strohmenger

posted by / Magazine / November 18, 2012

Tanner is leading the charge of new crop of up-and-coming East Coasters

The future is bright for this one

Buy a Tee, Support Hurricane Sandy Relief

posted by / News / November 16, 2012

Senior Photographer DJ Struntz’s images grace Hurley tees

Wear your charity

Jesse Guglielmana // Hawaii // 1:36

posted by / Video / November 15, 2012

Surf and skate

November’s exploits

Jeremy Carter // San Clemente // 2:42

posted by / Video / November 15, 2012

The oldest Carter brother, in and around town

Blasting fins and releasing tail

2012 Triple Crown Predictions: Haleiwa

posted by / News / November 14, 2012

Part one of three, The Reef Hawaiian Pro

A forecast of Haleiwa’s action

4th Annual Liberian Surfing Contest

posted by / News / November 14, 2012

Men, women, and junior event on Nov. 17-18 at Robertsport, Liberia

Let’s gather in the spirit of competition

Surf Ride // Bali // 5:16

posted by / Video / November 14, 2012

Surf Ride headed to Bali to contest in the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge

Post contest, the fun began

Jake Halstead // La Jolla // 1:27

posted by / Video / November 14, 2012

Three October days

“The Shack Attack”

Cam Irwin // WaveJet // 3:47

posted by / Video / November 12, 2012

An inspirational clip showcasing his stoke for surfing

He’s out there no matter what

Sunny Garcia wins 2012 HIC PRO

posted by / News / November 12, 2012

Sunny repeats victory at Sunset 20 years later

Plenty of sunshine at Sunset for Sunny

Hurricane Sandy Relief Supplies Drive

posted by / News / November 10, 2012

Surfers continue to mobilize for post Hurricane Sandy relief effort

After are, we are all one big family

EPOKHE Giveaway

posted by / News / November 8, 2012

The eyewear brand will give you shades for giving to Waves for Water.

Want some new sunnies?

#loosebehavior Art Opening

posted by / News / November 8, 2012

Dragon presents artwork by Schoph, Taylor Reeve and Mr. Dvice

At the T.F.R Gallery in Leucadia, November 16, 2012

Donald Takayama Memorial

posted by / News / November 7, 2012

Remembering an Icon of Surfing

November 10th at 10am. Oceanside Pier