2014 Summer Surfboard Guide

posted by / Blogs / June 26, 2014

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Clay Marzo, on his SUPERbrand board (featured in 2014 Summer surfboard guide). Photo: Dooma

There’s a difference between a purchase and an investment. A purchase is something that you pay for. An investment is something that — in due time — pays you. That’s exactly what a surfboard is. While the return on your investment isn’t in the form of monetary gain (unless you’re on the CT), the value is undeniable. Here is our 2014 Summer Surfboard Guide so that you can choose your next investment wisely. Because even when you don’t need a new surfboard, you still need a new surfboard.

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  • workshardforhismoney

    got 2 fresh boards from Surf Prescriptions recently and can honestly say iv never had better boards. Doc and his wife are super nice and very knowledgeable. call or cruise their shop and chat with them in person.

  • cuckolder

    lib tech what the fuck is a water board?

  • Desiree

    Can’t wait to surf! It’s driving me crazy! I’ve never surfed. I’ve been to the beach n all but never surfed. It’s what I really aspire to do. It’s such a dream. A want to grab a board and surf! I’m only 14. Going into highschool in 2weeks. But I know for a fact I’m going to college in Hawaii for marine biology and I’m surfing the crap out of the waves! I honestly cannot wait.