5 O’Clock Doodle

posted by / Art, Blogs / August 13, 2010


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  • Brian

    Very cool. Who is the artist?


    All the 5 O’Clock doodles are done by SURFING Magazine’s art guy Scott Chenoweth unless otherwise specified. Glad you dig ’em. Plenty more to come.

  • Carr

    It’s great to see artists actually still hand paint or draw these days. These are rad!

  • Brian

    Thanks for the reply, and Thanks Scott for all the great artwork. It would be extra rad if the web guy posting could tag each one with Scott’s name and/or the “5 oclock doodle” tag so they are easy to browse in one go.

    Great art. Great idea. Great blog.

  • scbythesea

    This is really cool. I hope he keeps it up.


    Hey Brian,
    We’re working on it. Moving to wordpress 3 soon, so that should take care of it. If you want to see all of the doodles, go to the blogs button and click the art tab at the top. That sorts ’em out for ya.