5 O’Clock Doodle

posted by / Art, Blogs / September 29, 2010


By Scott Chenoweth

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  • Hobobret

    Drawing a wave is just heaven isn’t it? I plan to wear out my pencil doodling the demise of surfing as a sport. Drawing nearer the closeness to god and culture that it so elequently emulates while dropping in on a hydro wheel of circular energy that has come to terms with the latoral shoal on this hot humid southern night transfixed on a stormy sea that is aggravated by a cylindrical monster of a hurricane with my stepdaddy’s name. bringing me waves to draw but no board to ride since he threw my quiver out for storing them in my mommas back yard. I guess I’ll go back to doodling pregnant woman eatin chitlins with a litter of children drinkin diet cola. The south will rise again; with VIAGRA! COOTER! HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED?! SAY DID YOU EVER THINK SOME DIRT BIKE APPARRELL COMPANY WOULD EVER MAKE WETSUITS? NEITHER DID I MAN; NEITHER DID I. I RECKON BOEING/LOCKHEEDS FIXIN TO MAKE DIRT BIKES WHATTAYA SAY MAN YOU IN ON BUYING SOME OF THAT STOCK MAN? NO? CROSSING THE LINES? I GUESS IT WOULD BE HEY WAIT A MINUTE CROSSIN THE LINES IS THE REBEL FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FLOOR IT COOTER UNCLE JESSIE GOIN LONG BOARDIN IN A SURVIVAL SUIT I GOTTA SEE THIS!

  • scbythesea