5 O’Clock Doodle

posted by / Blogs / January 7, 2011

Friday. By Scott Chenoweth

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    Please stop the madness. Couldn’t you have a 5 o’clock epic line up shot, or barrel shot instead? Stop being wankers and deliver the real goods. Is this doodle good enough to make the regular magazine? No, so cut this crap out.

  • peopletiredofkooks

    This is not related to the above. I just read an old
    interview with Jack Johnson with Tim I AM A CLOWN DONNELLY. He asks
    and self comments about Jack surfing Back Door, HW. Jack’s
    response, is poetic. No details and humble. Timmy D. This clown is
    a D rated sponger from Toms River, NJ. The fact that Surfing Mag
    allows this drug addict alcoholic with 3 DWI arrests on record
    report for them just shows what a joke surfing has become in print
    media. What a joke, and lack of respect for their clients. Tim is a
    coke/crack smoking loser. This sponger hides from a 5 foot East
    Coast Swell. Surfing Mag. Cut this idiot off. You owe Tim ungotts.
    Man up.

  • Sean Davey

    It’s always the hands that mess up drawings. The hands will undo you every time….