5 O’Clock Doodle

posted by / Art, Blogs / February 8, 2011

By Scott Chenoweth

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  • Dat Jersey Boi Mikey G

    yo i feel this…jersey stand up


    Seriously folks. Seriously. This is a surfing magazine right? Seriously. You don’t have mental pictures from the last two weeks of mental Pipe? Seriously folks. People like Flame, Hornbaker, King, and Chang, the men who built this magazine must be shaking their heads on the absolute crap that you post on your website. Seriously.

  • bromista

    go choke on a kalbi bone from ted’s, polynesian paralysis.

  • cheech

    Surfing, shit you guys are so cultured! I wish I could be like you, alex knost, & ford and his cool wine drinking friends. Fuck outta here.

  • Scott

    Hey PP, no, this isn’t SURFING Magazine, it’s a website. Our magazine is printed monthly, on paper. And all of those legends that you mentioned would be stoked on the effort we put into each issue. Those shots of pipe, guess what, they’re still there. This free internet thing that you complain about didn’t exist when those guys were in power. It’s all extra content. For free. I’d be pissed off too if I had to pay for this, but I don’t.


    Yeah, Magazines are the future aren’t they? You guys are on it. Got it Scott, this website has nothing to do with Surfing magazine.

  • Sd, cali

    “This free internet thing that you complain about”. so does that mean you guys make the magazine cause your in it for the money? shot yourself in the foot with that one

  • Alex H.

    of course they make the magazine because they’re in it for the money. It’s their job. It just so happens they got a job that involves something awesome.

  • http://, Sarah S

    Hi All, I’m new on here and glad to be a part of the discussion

  • Rolo

    hey scott, your reply to cheech and polynesian paralysis is absolutely unbelievable! are you idiot? or trying to get your face amazingly violet?
    So you will run in this website all the shit any alexknosted asshole would send to you? come on, boy. Don´t fuck with the readers of a 40 year old mag.