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posted by / Art, Blogs / February 14, 2011

By Joey Stevens 1 of 5

We’re getting artsy, folks. Bringing in a guest doodler to take the load off Scott Chenoweth’s shoulders while he designs our next magazine. This week’s artist is Joey Stevens, guitarist and singer for the LA-based band Rumspringa. When not on stage growling at girls, he dabbles in painting. But as you’ll see over the next five days, as we show you a five-shot evolution of his latest piece, sometimes those passions dance together.

SURFING Magazine: Where do you collect most of your collage elements?
Jeoy Stevens: Old cinema magazines from the ‘60s. Google. Old printed materials that I photograph or scan.

Why do you gravitate towards using covered female portraits in your visual work?
I somehow find it the most striking and visually captivating. It’s eternally classic and the essence of human beauty.

Out of all the eccentric characters in the LA music scene, who is your favorite?
Hmmm. As far as contemporary LA musicians on the scene, I’d have to say Guy from The Entrance Band would get my tip of the hat. He’s an exceptionally talented guitarist, gutsy vocalist and rocks it like the end of the world is nigh.

Why do so many young girls love you and your music?
Do they? Being young to me is being sweet, shy and pure at heart. Perhaps these are elements that they hear in the band’s music. Also girls like it when you can growl on stage…I think.

What was the first song you taught yourself to play?
House of the Rising Sun. But I dabbled in some Rage Against the Machine and even Blink-one hundred and eighty two!

Interview by Daniel Rolnik

Want an encore of Joey and Rumspringa? Check ‘em out below or at http://www.myspace.com/rumspringa or their facebook.


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