Another World Tour

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / July 18, 2011

And I am sitting on my outdoor patio, newly remodeled, in warm dappled sunlight. Swami-blessed water still on my skin. I am home.

What an adventure has just wrapped, and all with my totally gorgeous blonde babe. A travel bender. It began in London, two nights at the Cadogan, site of Oscar Wilde’s arrest for indecency (he buggered a young lord in the room three floors above ours) and moved to Mykonos, Greece. We sailed a catamaran with the world’s bravest and most stylish snowboarders while toasting ancient history while Athens burned. Who wants austerity? Not the Greeks and not me! Next came Mallorca and the wedding of two beautiful Europeans, the husband Finnish and the wife French, and they live in Tokyo, of course, but they marry on an estate in Mallorca, of course. And it was a beautiful wedding and an even more beautiful reception. Freshly shaved jamón from pigs’ legs displayed like sculpture.

And then Hong Kong. Hong Kong may be the future. It is Blade Runner. And we watched Kolohe Andino and Julian Wilson splash dark Nike water from a towering LCD billboard on the Cantonese, who all cheered wildly. They wanted more.

Bali followed. Canggu, Dreamland, Uluwatu, etc. etc. etc. The W and The St. Regis and The Oberoi etc. etc. etc. Bali is perfect and we could have stayed on but had to leave because a Hollywood executive was throwing a party in East Hampton. The Hamptons in summer are simply a must. We drank champagne and read the New York Times, each morning, with dark sunglasses on because we drank too much champagne. I made fast friends with a British director who would meet Prince William and Princess Kate the next week. He laughed about how he would tell both that he doesn’t believe in them because he is a republican. Not a Mitt Romney Republican (demode!) but an Oliver Cromwell republican (chic!).

And then Battery Park in the city (downtown is the new uptown). We went to Alexander McQueen at the Met. He was an absolute genius. Just beyond.

And finally home. Dappled Southern California sunlight. Swamis saltwater.


Home, at last.


I call Travis Ferré, my editor, because we are going to the Volcom bikini show, but his plans change and he must go to the Far East hunting typhoons with today’s most modern surfers. And I call Dayten Likness, my business partner, but he is on Tavarua filming the swell of the century. And Sterling Spencer tells me he is in the Amazon hunting small, smuggle-able monkeys but also surfing a tidal bore. And Thom Pringle is lost in France. And Dion Agius is booking a trip to deep Mexico because he has heard rumor of an abandoned tequila distillery directly on a point break. And Luke Davis is booking a trip to Sydney because he loves models and winter.

And Jordy Smith is home in South Africa with the rest of our top surfers except for Kelly Slater who is on Tavarua with Dayten Likness.

What an adventure is this surf life. —Chas Smith

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  • wampwamp

    i hope surfing, for me at least, never involves such yuppie elitism. yikes!: “The Hamptons in summer are simply a must…”

  • this guy

    just another donkey at swamie

  • Antonio

    Even if he’s trying to be obnoxious on purpose, and this is all but a joke that he will keep pulling for as long as people like me, who comment online, will fuel his fire, this Chas individual is a douche in its highest possible form.

  • Terry

    Whatever joy there once was in hating Chas has long since passed, replaced by a kind of sympathy for his insatiable ego and thinking that – even with unlimited virtual page space – his writing is still a waste.

  • shawn

    fuckin love this guy. It’s epic how riled up people get…the writing is rad, and sheer audacity is entertaining. It’s nice to have a little blatant decadence thrown around for once. Keep it coming!

  • Ariel

    Chas’ pieces on this site should be sent out en masse to expecting parents with the heading, “Love Your Children Or This Could Happen.”


  • Mic

    The funny bit is some of you actually believe this stuff.

  • Rad Dude

    That was a waste of my time.

  • Tim C

    Why do I do it, why do I read this sh#t? I should know it’ll be the same old crap that will wind me up, as it always does. But still I proceed to read his blog pieces.

    That’s it, never again. Well, not until the next time anyway.

    Chas Smith – the guy we all love to hate.

  • Robert James

    What´s that got to do with surfing??? This cunt thinks he killing it but every fuck knows that surf mag hacks don´t make real coin. Chas you fuck I bet I´ve got more coin in my bank than you and I bet I catch more waves than you at any spot in the world. Why don´t you post a shot of you surfing???

  • Wyatt

    @Robert – You make a great case for yourself by going dollar-for-dollar with a douchebag. Maybe you guys can throw on some silken summer dude-blouses and hash this out over cucumber ‘tinis at a cabana beside the infinity pool?

  • Gretchen

    Chas is pure genius. Always an enjoyable read. make your haters your motivators…two snaps up. WORD!

  • chris

    dear chad smith,
    check 1, 2, yourself. you are writing a weekly ‘Blog’ (aka the biggest joke for a job ever; my small ass dick could write a blog) on a surf magazine website. you act like your writing mans next greatest novel or some bullshit. thats why there are so many people hating on you.


  • Barry

    You’re the Oscar Wilde of surfing with an austerity dose of writing talent, Chas. I guess people new to the paint by numbers formula of your editorials might be impressed if they’re not really paying attention. If you were even half way cool it would be kind of funny that you’re getting away with this editorial scam thing you’re doing instead of just sad that Surfing posts this garbage. Not really worth commenting on the editorial itself, you’re obviously just dialing them in these days. You don’t know where to go next do you Chas?

  • get lost barry

    Get lost already Barry.

  • Barry

    not a chance scum bag

  • get lost barry

    Then just put a gun in your mouth. You are the most pathetic human on earth. For real does hating Chas really give you pleasure?

  • get lost barry

    I never post on these sites but Barry you really need to die or you should actually be man enough to say who you are and try to go kill or fight Chas. That much gay anger is really just gay.

  • SJ

    What Do you mean Thom Pringle is Lost in France?

  • Barry

    dude, as much as i hate chas i’ve never asked him to off himself. the real hate is staring back at you in the mirror just behind the glib facade people like you always wear to disguise your contempt. i’m flattered you think i’m famous enough that my name would be important and a little confused that you’d think i’d waste the airfare just to kick chas’ ass. i’d challenge him to a surf off though that’d be fun. btw people hated hitler too, that didn’t make them haters alright. yeah i know chas isn’t hitler but I’m sure way back in the 1930’s he would have loved their uniforms. i think he kind of gets off on them even today. Chas likes manly men who project an aura of strength and solve problems with their fists. you see that keeps things from getting too complicated and when you’re as dumb as him believe me that’s important.

  • Spil gratis

    Mike, I have said this many times and I will say it again. . .Your game volume is PERFECT!!