Baby Take it Off!: Chasing Mavericks

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Baby Take It Off!

There was once a boy named Rick Kane and he grew up dreaming of riding the giant surf on Oahu’s North Shore. One day he went to the North Shore and realized that he was in over his head. Riding giant surf is not as easy as it looks! Thankfully he met a crusty local with a heart of gold who slowly and steadily taught him how to excel. Rick listened and learned and ended up a winner.

Hollywood loves the crusty local with the heart of gold more than almost every other story element. It makes all film, from Rocky to Karate Kid to Step Up, soar. And Hollywood hopes that it will make its newest foray into surf, Chasing Mavericks starring Gerard Butler, soar too.

I love when Hollywood makes boxing movies, karate movies and dance movies but I love when they make surf movies the most. I love when they made North Shore and Point Break and In God’s Hands and Blue Crush and Blue Crush 2 and Surfer, Dude. It gives us all something to chuckle about and some of us something to hate and hate is funny (see comments below). It also makes stars out of surfers. Laird Hamilton, Shane Dorian, Keala Kennelly, Mark Occy Occhilupo to name but a few.

And in its newest foray into surf, Gerard Butler looks stiff. The curly headed child playing Jay Moriarity looks bad. But Greg Long looks like a born natural! He is dreamboat handsome, first and foremost. Look at those eyes! They crinkle and glow and spread a gorgeous light. Chestnut hair that begs to be rubbed. The way he delivers his line, “It’s too big for the kid…” So much commitment! So much sexy panache! Such a star! (see comments below). I will see Chasing Mavericks for Greg Long. I will sit in the front row of the theater wearing a Team Greg t-shirt. I will glare at anyone from Team Rusty.

Chasing Mavericks

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  • Donna Love

    “He is dreamboat handsome, first and foremost. Look at those eyes! They crinkle and glow and spread a gorgeous light. Chestnut hair that begs to be rubbed.”

    I think somebody has a crush on Greg.
    I can’t blame him though, Greg is so first and foremost dreamboat handsome in the movie trailer!

  • ballsdeep

    wait, I thought Jay is dead. So is this movie gonna just end as some kid cops a giant beating on a huge wipeout and ends up famous. At least its got a winter release hopefully that will limit the damage done to local line-ups from the influx of people who see this movie and go “I can do that!”

  • Roger Engbert

    Why can’t you post stories that have information in them? Rather than just Chase trying too hard to be clever?

  • Matt O’Brien

    “ballsdeep” – know your history before posting nonsensical crap, otherwise you sound like an ass! Jay didn’t go from a surfing wipeout, he went from free diving in the Maldives. I am stoked they are telling this tale – even IF Hollywood might not make it cool enough for some. What Jay did in his short life IS the stuff of legend. Just enjoy the ride or pull out. As for me, I will be watching from the sidelines. Mavericks on the big screen should take care of those “I can do that” folks, and maybe make a few that really believe they can. SO What? At least its not about a kid that post stupid remarks on the internet – that would have all of the “I can Do that” folks really trying hard[er]. p.s. at least Mr. Butler has got a beat down at Mavericks – so he might have a better idea of what it feels like. Of course I have no idea who this “ballsdeep” fellow is, he/she may even know. BUT this ain’t about him/her it is about JAY. Let’s keep it that way (my rant included) Jay not only would go – he went!

  • ballsdeep

    Hey Old Fucking Man, I wasn’t clowning on Jay, I’m huge fan and very aware of how he passed. He was a great surfer, and all around one of the best waterman of his time. They way he trained and his dedication inspires/inspired many people, myself included. The way he died was a tragedy, but it would be hard to make a movie about his life without covering how he constantly pushed boundaries even up until his literal last breathe, and it would kinda make for a bummer ending. We should have had many more years of his great surfing. I was more directing my comments at how they’ve portrayed him in the film, from the trailer. Seldomly has hollywood ever made a movie that truly conveys the spirit of such an individual. But then again that waits to be seen. And ooopps look like I stepped on some angry old man toes, another old guy who enjoys his hot coffee and making up stories about how he used to charge while standing on the “sidelines”. Great for gerard butler, he’s taken a beat down at mavericks with a huge support staff their to rescue him. I may not have surfed mavericks, its always been a dream of mine but being a poor student and living in southern california the desolate breaks of Baja suit me much better. And down there, there is no support staff, no rescue boats, no jet skis waiting to pick you up, just you, a friend or two, and some large waves. Granted its not maverick’s, but I am not Jay. I’m sorry you couldn’t see that my comments were directed at his portrayal in the film, and not the man himself. Jay is and will always be LEGENDARY. I just hope this movie lives up to his name

  • Donna Love

    Live Like Jay!

    ……………….and Surf like Greg Long!

  • Matt O’Brien

    hey “ballsdeep” I never said I ever charged. In fact I am an out puss when it comes to waves of consequence. sorry to have pissed you off so badly… must have been my strong coffee (i do like). I was only responding to your post.. so chill out! Looks like we share some of the same opinions about Jay. so It seems like we a fighting in agreement. again I was only responding to your post. an yup, I am 37 (almost 38) so i guess you could say I am an “old” man, although I like to think there are still some years left in the tank. personally I am stoked to see Mav’s on the big screen and see Jay gets some props. Cheers dude…

  • Big Perm

    Hey Ballsdeep & MOB…why don’t you two just get a room…jesus.

  • Matt O’Brien

    Big Perm, thanks but no thanks. I was just using this rantboard to rant. As fo the Jay Movie… that will be all time.

  • Donna Love

    LOL @ Big Perm.

  • aaronski

    If the movie shows Butler almost drowning while paddling around with Parsons and Long I’ll be the first in line.

  • shamangu

    The movie was amazing, i cried so much at the end! :-( i don’t regret seeing it though

  • Denise Aldelia Ward

    I loved this movie and growing up in Santa Cruz county-I loved how they captured the feel of our neighborhoods and the people in those times.If he is even half of how the actor portrayed him to be in the movie, his story is worthy of the big screen. I know our county and our coastline is worthy. His teacher also quite a human being, his mother with her downfalls but deep love for him,the unattainable girl next door, the bullies, all integral in developing the boy/man Jay Moriarity. Thank you movie makers for showing Jays’ story!

  • Rafael de Brito

    My name is Rafael and I live on an island called “Darwin” in Brazil. We are lovers of surfing. One of estapas WCT happens at one of our beaches (“Praia Mole”). Jay watched the movie and found it very beautiful your story. Example of life and perseverance. It is proof that we are able to realize all our dreams. May God enlighten.