Baby Take It Off!: Dustin Barca, GMO Combatant

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Baby Take It Off!

Dustin Barca, the surfer Dustin Barca, the fighter Dustin Barca, has decided to slap the GMO industry. Genetic modification is a heated issue throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Seed companies use the ideal temperature and climate and soil to grow many sorts of man-made fruits and veggies, which are exported back to mainland farmers.

Dustin does not like this. He thinks these man-made fruits and veggies, fruits and veggies that have had their DNA modified to withstand certain chemicals, produce a higher yield, etc., are a poison to the land and a poison to the people. He believes they do much more harm than good. I was doing a story for Playboy about Eddie Rothman and his involvement in the fight (On newsstands now), and I met with Dustin as he led protest marches to raise awareness. Not only was Dustin well-versed as to the issues, he was extremely well-spoken. His eyes flared with passion as he explained to me how he got involved, how he learned the various sides of the argument and what he is doing about it now. He told me, “I don’t want to save the world. I just want to save my island…” before picking up a bullhorn and leading thousands of passionate and diverse supporters on their march. Dustin Barca, the surfer, the fighter, has become a public figure. He should be President, or at least Secretary of Defense.—Chas Smith

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  • Phocas surf

    We are in debt to people like this taking a stand while we sit at our desks and agree with him while doing little to nothing. Thank you Dustin.

  • TD

    Way To Tell It Dustin!
    you are Hero and Inspiration
    mahalo for speaking up
    Aloha Nui Loa

  • SP

    Epic in all ways to be epic!
    This man walks the talk and talks the walk.
    Share this as much as possible.
    Thanks you Dustin… YOU RULE

  • bufu

    Well done Dustin. There are many that feel what you feel. Keep the fight.

  • bufu

    Thank you Surfer for serving as an outlet.

  • bufu


  • ryan foley

    Thanks Dustin!


    Well done, but those fat f*@#ers don’t give a s#(% about us!!! They don’t care if we die a horrible death . . . they just don’t!

  • Center Line

    That’s right. “Human health over corporate wealth”

  • chad

    Well done and well said Dustin!!!! End the greed, power to the people!

  • Maximiliano

    Amazing Stuff i Love seeing this. We need to take a stand eventually! Thank you Barca!!!!

  • Thin

    Barca Barca Barca.

  • Sam

    Since when was modification such a big deal? Man has modified EVERYTHING since the beginning.

  • Dman

    Good job Dustin. EVICT MONSANTO from Hawaii NOW…

  • Mik

    Justin: a hero again, in whatever arena he puts his mind to.

    The problem with GMO food is that our bodies do best with foods created by Nature, because Nature created both the food types, and our physiology, which is the receptor. Nature has many layers of intelligence, and the more we respect our intelligent relationship to Nature, the better our Mind/Body health is. Organic food is Natural because it doesn’t have pesticides. It is pure.

    Monsanto isn’t an agricultural company, it is a chemical company. It sold Agent Orange to the military to decimate crops and people in Asia. And now, it sells “Terminator” seeds to uninformed growers by promising higher yields, because the pesticides are not sprayed on, they are imbedded into the plant DNA…

    So the bugs are killed by eating the plant…

    Which means the consumer is also ingesting the pesticide in full potency, as well…
    Pesticides that are linked to cancer, and other health issues.

    Monsanto is a devious, evil minded corporation, that has tried to patent seeds, and thereby control agriculture, globally. They have a Nazi mentality, they only care about profits, not people, and Barca is spot on in trying to get their products banned in Hawaii.

    There is no evidence that GMOs produce higher yields, that is purely marketing bullshit.

    However there is a growing body of evidence that GMOs create health problems:

    Thank you Dustin, for protecting the health of Hawaiians, and waking up the rest of us that we need to get educated, and get on it!

    Yes, this is a rant, but it is a rant by someone who has been into organics since my teens, and who has benefitted from it by enjoying amazing health.

  • DOMA


    You forgot the best part of MONSANTO’s attack.

    When a farmer buys seeds from MONSANTO they are not allowed to keep any crops to reseed the next year. If they do they are sued for patent infringement.

  • DOMA


  • Mik

    @DOMA… thnx for adding in!

    BTW: Europe and parts of Asia and South America are totally against GMOs, and require labeling. And yeah, the Supreme Court is a right-wing dominated freakshow of ideologically biased jerk-offs, and unfortunately Obama’s selection of Tom Vilsak as Sec. of Ag. is the worst possible choice due his affiliation Monsanto. We need a Progressive Party with environmentally aware leaders, not a bunch of compromised corporate lackies. This may seem off-point in a Surf blog, but if we don’t have a government that respects the environment, we are always in danger of disaster, like in the Gulf, and our in our food supplies.

    BTW: Japan is in deep deep trouble, as they cannot handle the amount of contaminated water being used to cool the melt-down reactors… It will go into the ocean, and there is only ONE ocean. This is an emergency that is going to require International help to be resolved.

  • RT

    I think GMO food should be labelled appropriately so people can make a choice when buying their groceries. However, GMO food are all bad. They do have there benefits. For example, rice can now be fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that weren’t there before. This is great for underdeveloped country who are laking in nutrient intake. For some populations around the world, rice is a main food source. This is just one example. Point being- these food are helping people is some cases. In addition, there simply isn’t enough evidence to suggest that these food are giving us cancer or any other diseases.

  • John

    Great speech Dustin.

    I’ll be at the court house for the public hearing on July 31st. Numbers matter as only that and money drive politics. If the numbers are big enough and politicians reelections are at stake they will act. If you live on the island please show up to show your support.



    Support BILL#2491 Kaua’is (RIGHT TO KNOW)
    1-What Poisonous Chemicals are being sprayed and Tested in our Open Air. And Unregistered GMO Exreriments.
    2-Buffer Zones around OUR Keikis Schools and Water Ways , Community’s and Roads !!
    12:00 noon

  • PW

    NO GMO. Fight on with Barca!!

  • Center Line

    Don’t f@%k with mother nature.Too many people are out of line and need to be cracked.

  • Sky Wyttenbach

    Genetic manipulation is not as simple as was once thought. When techniques that alter genetic material were first developed, it was thought that genes had a one-to-one correlation with biological traits. It is now known that genes work together in groups in ways that are only beginning to be understood.

    This means that there may be Unintended Consequences when single genes from unnatural sources are inserted into the DNA of a lifeform. We now know that some of the proteins created by the DNA in GMO foods are neurotoxic. For this reason many countries have banned them altogether.

  • trashcraft

    Oh my Gawd. Like the chemicals used to make SURFBOARDS are safe?? Have you ever read up on those chemicals?? Puh-lease!! If you’re all surfin’ on one of those boards, then you ARE supporting the chemical giants.
    Even reading parts of this seems pretty scary.