Baby, Take It Off!: I Own Drugs And Surfing

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Baby Take It Off!

Matt Warshaw’s newly minted online Encyclopedia of Surfing is amazing in every respect. “Stunning” according to The Atlantic. One can spend hours, days even, lost in that hyperlinked universe. Search for “Derek Rielly” then click on “sex and surfing” then click on “Kennelly, Keala” then click on “Pipeline” then click on “Sutherland, Jock” then click on “drugs and surfing.” It goes on and on and on in the most fabulous of time killing ways. It is pleasing to look at, all orange and wow, filled with the best images and video clips and impeccable research. It is a thing of beauty. A real work of art that called, “A living, breathing masterpiece.” And the Los Angeles Times called, “Both the old and new testaments of board riding culture.”

Amazingly, it is free. The universe at our fingertips without so much as a credit card. And, even more amazingly, there are no advertisements of any sort clouding the eye or creating conflicts. Instead of traditional online revenue generation, Matt Warshaw has pioneered a new route. Individuals, like you and I, can buy whole entries. It is like fantasy sport only so much better because it is not a fantasy. If you pony up $1000 dollars for, say Kelly Slater or North Shore, Oahu or Laird Hamilton then the words, “Sponsored by…” and your name appear at both the top and bottom of the page. You own Kelly Slater or North Shore, Oahu or Laird Hamilton and how good is that? It is totally good. Fletcher, Christian costs $500. Garcia, Sunny costs $250. You can buy Smith, Chas for the unfathomably low price of $50. Me? I bought “drugs and surfing” for $100 so I now, officially, own drugs and surfing. I am a kingpin. —Chas Smith

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  • KenBradshaw

    I feel for the people at NEFF having to look at the godawful picture of little twerp Noah Besh. Furthermore I feel for the innocent eyes that wonder this site, and lastly myself. Lord have mercy..I know I need it

  • Rick Dickert

    How bout that parko? dude needs to retire along with Mick and Taj. boring as hell to watch. they should just show the real contest going down – how far the judges can swallow is unit.

  • tony (ty) carson big island

    Sorry, chas, but you are a little delusional, you don’t actually own drugs and surfing, you are merely “sponsoring” a “page”, about drugs and surfing- for your 100 bucks. And Matt Warshaw may be pulling off one of the better surf scams of the 21st century too, to fund his agenda (whatever that might be). I’m still not sure, have to mull this whole concept over a little more. But maybe Matt Warshaw, will have fun, spending your 100 bucks. Peace…