Baby Take it Off!: Newsweek Kooks It

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Baby Take It Off!

The final Newsweek glided off the presses early last week and it is an embarrassment to magazines everywhere. Bold, on the cover, it declares “#lastprintissue” like it is something awesome. Like it is ahead of the curve. Tina Brown, the editrix, goes further, reasoning in her introduction that the magazine will be more compelling online and better and more progressive and whatever. But it will not be. It will be ugly, meaningless nothing. Like her style-less frosted hair.

Magazines, you see, are meant to be printed on paper with ink. They are meant to be rolled and stuffed into back pockets and taken to the beach where neither sand nor saltwater destroy them. They are meant to inspire, while sitting in the sun dreaming of adventure and perfect barrels. Magazines are meant to be real and tangible. Not a figment of digital imagination. They are meant to be read and shared and read and shared.

And so, in response to Newsweek, I, as part of SURFING Magazine, would like to declare #newsweekisthegarrettmcnamaraofmedia #theymadeabigmistake
#theyaresuperantiquatedbutthinktheyareaweomebecausetheyhavetechnology. Don’t worry, dear readers. We will not fade you. We will not leave you drowning in boredom on your next flight. We will keep you inspired and you can even spill coffee on us.

#hereisto2013andallthesurfingmagazinesyouwillread #longliveprint #longlivegreglong.


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  • NM

    Did VCR and DVDs stop people from going to the movies?
    Did recordings kill live music?
    Did headphones stop us from dancing to loud music?

    Newsweek quit because they suck. And “news” is better online. And thank god surfing is not news.

  • pancake jimmy

    Chas coming in caliente. Tell ’em like it is, baby

  • mikey

    kind of took a cheap shot at Gmac there with that hashtag but that’s okay he probably deserves it…nice little blurb though. well said, f newsweek. no hardworking surfer who finally gets a shot in a mag is gonna say “wait hold on let me go to this website to show you the shot.” print is forever, well at least for surfing magazines. the only kind i ever read/look at.

  • Joko

    We’ll see how your publisher feels about that later Chase. It started with newspapers, now moving on to magazines. Just as with photography, film faded to digital, print will also come to an end. Not that I disagree that it sucks, but it’s just the world changing. With tablets and computers, online material, ect… people don’t need to purchase print anymore to get their news. Even now with surfing, I don’t have to wait for next month’s issue to find out what I’ve been missing. I just get it online right now for free. This format has killed the industry. We didn’t see it coming, we didn’t think that it would destroy us, so we carelessly gave it away for free leading to prints doom. You want to stop this from happening to Surfing Mag? Then stop giving content away online for free, otherwise you’re just giving people an excuse not to buy a printed version.

  • julien

    and waht about #PRINTISFOREVERDEAD?

  • Mike Anderson

    Hummmm can you say paperless….?

  • james

    I love that we’re all reading this article online. And I love even more that I can post a comment on it that will immediately appear here for all to see. In the 80’s and 90’s I used to snail mail letters to the editor and they were never published. No trees were killed for me to read this content this morning, no trucks were driven to deliver this story and these images to me. Are you really spinning online “print” as a step backward? One last question, Chas: Do you still pay to have a newspaper delivered to your front door? I didn’t think so.

  • Chas Smith

    Yes! The New York Times Sunday Edition. I recommend you get it delivered to your front door too. It beats the dreadful lines in Starbucks.

  • Dave Mailman

    Funny thing… I just canceled my subscription to Newsweek, because I can no longer toss it on the magazine rack in the bathroom, nor stuff it in my backpack for long plane flights or layovers in airports with outrageously expensive internet access. Sometimes I just don’t like to turn on my computer. Magazines are relaxing. I hope they will always be there, because reading a magazine is a different experience than using digital media…

  • Marc “The Morron” Mauron

    Chas you’re one mad c*** and a so right!
    Thanx for that!

  • julien

    @Dave Mailman
    What about trying a Tablet?
    I like the fact you can increase fonts when you are tired.
    Hard to do with a magazine…

  • Neil Ridgway

    Funny, learned about this debate from Mailses FB page! Fact of the matter is magazines are only magazines if they are printed. Online content is great, and its a different medium to the mag, not better or worse. Touch and smell of paper independent of connectivity etc makes the mag so much different – and still a valid and much loved medium.

  • Wyatt

    Nothing better than an online article bemoaning the passing of print. Published online why? To seize the immediacy of the story (aka “news” as in Newsweek). The notion that online media is a “figment of digital imagination” speaks more to the author than the truth. The mode of delivery – of ANYTHING – is secondary to the content itself (don’t make me dredge up David Fricke’s “artifact” diatribe from “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart”) and that content is limited only by the mind of person taking it in.

    Did Shakespeare have more/less value when it was told in plays…not on the page? How about Odysseus? Does a song have less value if it sole mode of distribution is line? Read and shared. Seen and shared. Heard and shared. The important thing is “shared” (and not to argue one way or another, but digital sharing is a bit easier).

    The quickest way to age quickly is to start saying (bows back, shakes fist at the sky), “Things were better back then!” Welcome to premature middle age.

  • Ryanno

    News might be dead in print but compelling stories and great photography will always be better in print.

  • wiley

    so much more cred to have something in print. on paper (i know, im an environmentalist, have u ever considered the amount of power and mining of precious metals to create ur electronic gadgets?). u can cut out rad shots from old mags and put em on ur wall. what will groms do without mags? those rad posters that are sometimes inside the middle of the mag? so sick! u cant just stuff a (tablet) inside ur boring book at highschool and dream the day away.. waiting for that bell to ring at 2:10 so u can go shred and get tubes. why squint at a little foto on ur 300 dollar iphone when u can get a subscription for a year for 15 bucks? what will become of ur coffee table? how will u roll up nice doobies without a proper background and flat surface of an insane foto of somebody getting shacked? how will u stoke out groms in foereign countries when shredding abroad? chaz, u have a great point. all this online stuff is amazing, but u cant beat the good old mag.

  • chas chashtagstoomuch

    silly chashtag, vnecks and dane reynolds haircuts are for hipsters. careful, wavejets will find you #chashtag

  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Oh chas, just an after thought, too bad nike kicked out on pro surfing, what surfer anyway, worth his salt, would really want to wear a tee from a mainstream track and field shoe company, it doesn’t get much more square than that, track and field. Now we have to try and get rid of hurley, (a company now owned by nike), which was started by bob hurley, a half baked shaper from Huntington Beach, who had the ego to name the company after himself. Any profit from hurley, now goes right into nike’s pocket. Seems like a good time for a boycott. Peace.

  • Marky Marc

    you guys probably give away more mags than you sell… lets be honest

    surfing is rad
    surfers are lame

  • Marcus

    Tony, so big Island Bra!!! fucking shaka!!!!

    How are you gunna boycott? not buy hurley shit? if you spend a dollar on anything made by a surf company your an idiot, its all overpriced and shit quality (minus Hurley Phantom Trunks, cant hate on those things)so congrats your learning!

  • wyatt

    “Your an idiot” will always always always and forever be the most awesome and telling burn on any give message board.

  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Marcus, I’ve never bought one hurley product in my life, and I haven’t bought one surf product from quick ,rip, bill, in many years, these companies, I believe, have all sold their surfing souls just to make a profit. Peace

  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Chas, seems like your sweet princess turned out to be a whore, after whispering sweet nothings in your ear and promising you everything, in the end, she dropped you with out even an explanation or a kiss on the cheek good bye. From the beginning, she only wanted what was in your wallet and you were too blinded by her promises and your own greed to see the truth. But, it looks like the tribe saw what she really was, and spurned her like a ten foot close out. When she finally saw she couldn’t get what she really came after, (your bucks), she dropped you and everybody else foolish enough to believe her, in a heart beat. Too bad your princes turned out to be a whore. Now we have to get rid of her illegitimate son, hurley. Peace.

  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Just submitted a post about chas and his princess, and its not showing up, can’t you guys handle a little heat, (the truth)?

  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Thank you.

  • tony (ty) carson big island

    Chas,just to clarify my last post, the princess whore is nike. Peace.

  • Jomo King

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