Baby Take It Off!: The Prophet Gary Busey

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Baby Take It Off!

Surfing has not had a singular prophet since Duke K. went to heaven. It has been pulled this way and that by men claiming to speak for the divine. Laird H. screamed “Tow!” (before screaming “Stop towing!”). Kelly S. said, “Just win, baby.” And Dane R. whispered, “Psssht, whatever.” Each man has followers who rabidly claim their master’s way is the only way and they fight in the water and fight on the land. Surfing has become like Islam with Sunni and Shia and Alawite and seveners and twelvers and car bombs and confusion.

But our unification is nigh! Gary B. has stepped in and cleared away the muck. Watch this video and listen to what he has to say. Watch his eyes. Like, really watch them. And then put your weapons down. High performance air-reverse kid, embrace the elderly SUPer. Styley style hipster, embrace the man who wears boardies past his calves. Kelly, embrace Gabe Medina. Gary B. has spoken. He is our truth. (Watch his eyes again if you are not convinced. Like, wow.)

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  • Chongo

    Surfing, surfing, cocaine, surfing.

  • Mike Anderson

    Poor guy can hardly breath..

  • eastside

    its sad what LA does to people and their perception of the real world.

  • dave

    im leroy the masochist, i live here and ill do anything

  • Whaaaaaaa

    Surfings the source man……it’ll change your life

  • tony (ty) carson

    Gary also said- its through God that you find your truth. Gary actually makes more sense than most of chas’s dribble on this site.