Cover Drop: November Issue

posted by / Art, Blogs / September 8, 2010


Our November Issue is about to hit newsstands and mailboxes nationwide. Who do you think takes home this month’s prize?

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  • Braido

    Ry craike!

  • Braido

    Ry Craike

  • Johny

    Shane Dorian?!

  • Scotty G

    Jordy Smith

  • brian minkler

    Brian Toth Puerto Rico, Secret spot

  • Greg

    Probably a SC guy in Norcal — Pete Mel, Skindog, Nic Lamb, Tyler Smith…

  • Alex K.

    Timmy Reyes

  • Jackson

    Probably slates, he hasn’t been on a surfing cover in years

  • Cosmina

    clay marzo!!!

  • Vinícius Maciel

    Ry Craike! Probably with his hands up!

  • Sean Davey

    someone with sponsors… :)

  • The Alf


  • steve s

    Yadin Nichol, that fucker is everywhere

  • andrew jacobson

    ry craike

  • Trevoo

    Ry it’s in his video

  • Nathan Myers

    Maybe I’ve just been stoking on his Innersection too much, but it would be rad to see Ry Craike under that majestic T-Cat Eagle. He’s my call to win the round. Doing for WA what Devries did for BC. Yew.

    Mental shot, though.

  • ChIron Stewart

    Owen Wright

  • James Stone

    Ry Craike, too easy.

  • Alan Harris

    naked wave…..

  • steve

    craig anderson? they gave the guy THREE editorial shots in the last issue! Don’t get me wrong the kid rips and has insane style but jocking the aussie up-and-comers that hard without the california kids getting more love?! come on boys

  • jay

    dylan graves

  • felipe

    Ry. Who else?

  • Yeah

    the surfer who the advertisers want on the cover this month, since advertisers control the mag. so sad.

  • John

    Ghandi, jamming through what looks like some aussie slab.

  • EM


  • Editor

    Billabong, Quiksilver or Rip Curl.

  • mike

    ry, WA. get lost

  • Editor

    Mambo, Volcom, Quik, and Rusty

    This moths issue features the Browns bros, Ry, and Kit Charles.