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John John Florence, Tahiti. Photo: Jimmicane

John John Florence, Tahiti. Photo: Jimmicane

As seen in our September 2012 issue, this is one of the most impressive moments in the film. He's riding a 5'11" here. Photo: Jimmicane

As seen in our September 2012 issue, this is one of the most impressive moments in the film. He's riding a 5'11" here. Photo: Jimmicane

Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone. Lies! Just because it rhymes, doesn’t make it true. Case in point: John John Florence and his filmer, Blake Kueny, have been tight-lipped about a movie project they’ve been working on for the last 11 months. It’s called Done and it’s a 23-minute gold mine of full rotators, deep barrels and casual style, shot on the RED Scarlet (that JJ paid for, as he did the rest of the project). I was lucky enough to view it on this rainy Friday afternoon and I can say that, despite its cloak of secrecy, it was so, so fun. (Or maybe it was because of its cloak of secrecy that it was so good; I hadn’t built my expectations too high.)

Blake was kind enough to drive up to the SURFING offices and give the crew a private showing. He brought a projector and a screen. We ate pizza. Drank beer. Ooooed. Ahhhhhed. Every action sequence of JJ, whether it was cut to classical, indie or gangster rap music, was even more impressive than what you’d expect from a year’s worth of saved clips from the kid. The airs higher, more technical than ever. His turns maturing before your eyes on feathering J-Bay walls. And Hawaii — sigh — Hawaii. Does anyone do it better?

My favorite part about the movie, or at least what it showed about John John, was the cast. He chooses his family and friends to be his costars. Which shouldn’t be that special but at the moment he is the most coveted surfer on the planet, a kid who can surf and film with whomever he wants. Dane. Kelly. Craig. Jordy. Julian. Anyone. But he takes along the people he has always hung out with. His brothers, Ivan and Nathan. Friends Matt Meola and Albee Layer. Instead of climbing into the VIP lounge of Club Cool, he’s throwing his own party. And it’s raging.

“That’s the only reason I’m here,” Blake tells me after we watch the movie. “He could have anyone in the world film him, make a movie about him. But he gave me, a 20 year old from Vista, CA, a shot.”

And it was a fine choice, John John. If you’re in Hawaii, you can watch Done at the skate park on the North Shore on Sunday night. If you’re not, you can watch the trailer here on all next week. When the real deal is dropping on iTunes…well, that’s a secret. But it’s sometime before Christmas. You will not want to miss it.


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  • Maui-Jay

    I saw this too. Very disappointed. Not much to it, really. And clearly made a novice filmmaker.

    Why do all the new pros think it’s okay to make a profile movie about themselves suddenly? Just cause you can afford a Red Camera, doesn’t mean you have any filmmaking skills.

    And when did public masturbation become an acceptable practice?

  • bill

    link bait? Come on, don’t hype in the headline like the video is actually in the post.

  • IRA

    Maui-Jay your a donkey! John isn’t just some kid making a profile movie about himself. The difference between him and the average pro is most everybody want to see john surf and nobody cares about most of the other guys.

    Why are you so ass hurt by John? Did you not reach your goals? Or is your hole hurting because he chose two maui guys to be in the movie and not you? Straight up you are a donkey and your probably worried about public masturbation because you got one mean hard on when you saw someone in the movie rubbing one out. You realized you were gay and that all your jealousy was really your gay tendencies showing through. When you stop being so homophobic or learn to surf then you can start talking shit.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Wow IRA needs to get into some sort of counseling immediately. You are one messed up head case. A “donkey”, “not reach your goals” and too many gay references to be even remotely “normal”. Sit back and breath. You don’t have to be tougher than everyone out there. You say “nobody cares about most of the other guys”????!!!! Let’s see here…… nobody cares about 11-time World Champ Slater, best style ever Parko, 2-time World Champ Fanning, Taj, Julian, Jordy and on and on. Do you have a love affair with John John? He is the shit for sure but hold the phone because he has yet to win a World Title. When he does it will only be ONE World Title. He would have 10 more to go to match Slater. Maybe with your disposition you couldn’t do complicated math like that. Aloha.

  • Logicalcommenter

    The fact of the matter is that John John can do whatever he wants with his money. You can agree or disagree, but the last time I checked he still surfed every event on the tour this year. More power to him if he wants to fund a feature film on the side. Stop with this nonsense about John John needing a world title to be relevant. That discounts the accomplishments of Dane Reynolds, Jamie O’Brien and other surfers making a living outside the tour. We all catch breaks in our professional careers, so why knock Blake for pursuing his dream? Haters gonna hate.

  • Scotty B.

    Yeah…I was expecting a video, too…At least a trailer!

  • Biff

    Here’s the trailer:

    Slow mo is the new normal speed.

  • chris

    JJF is in beast mode. Debatably the best surfer in the world right now, for sure top 3 or 4. Who is going to argue with him making a movie? And 23 minutes seems like a damn tight edit. Looking forward to this.