Expect the Best, Prepare For the Best

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The Billabong Pro in Tahiti is now over and how exciting was it? Broken ribs, giant swells, even gianter barrels, judging controversies, mosquito bites, Matt Wilkinson, Kelly Slater. Kelly Slater grabbing the next world title by the throat. All things that make for such great exciting. Brodie Carr is toasting other surf executives in southern France right now. The rise of the ASP! The fall of ugly detractors!

And now on to New York for the Quiksilver Pro!

I am currently in New York staying at the Standard and it might be my favorite hotel on earth. Everything is perfect, from the views to the wood paneled ceilings to the firmness of the pillows to the Harry Potter black robes to the in-room Transworld Surfs. Chris Coté is a happy man and an inspiration. And the Standard will host some of the events surrounding the Pro too. Some parties and some out-of-wedlock surf babies. It will be more great exciting. The rise of competitive surfing! The fall of free surfing enthusiasts! And I was here, at the Standard, before Irene hit as well. I shall be honest. I have written poorly about surf on the East Coast. I have written ugly things. But two days before Irene made landfall I met Surfing’s artistic director, Scott Chenoweth, in Long Beach and we had a fine session. The waves were head-high, a bit over on the sets, and rolled to shore like they belonged in Bondi. Or Grandview. The water was filled with chopped up jellyfish and it felt like surfing in boba tea but it also felt like surfing. Just amazing. The locals were over the moon and wiggled down the line with giant smiles on their round Italian faces.

The sand on the beach was a perfect consistency and the scaffolding for the contest would have been perfect too if it wasn’t being busily torn down pre-hurricane. The sun was shining, the excitement of impending destruction in the air. There was a 12-dollar beach fee that nobody paid. Everyone shuffled by the sign and the teenagers collecting the fee with purposed faces. It was wonderful, like breaking into Disneyland. Like getting out of a speeding ticket.

The next night as Irene began to howl, a beautiful woman and I enjoyed oysters, lightly grilled octopus, and Champagne cocktails amidst a festive atmosphere. The Standard had decided to stay open through the storm, housing their employees onsite so the Champagne cocktails would continue flowing. It was a party at the end of the world. It was even more exciting than Teahupo’o.

And, so, while I don’t take back my poorly written ugly things, I will caveat them. Surfing on the East Coast before a hurricane is like winning the lottery. Like une folle nuit avec une femme grande. —Chas Smith

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  • Al Papa

    Chas this is awesome. Best piece you have written in awhile.

  • bill

    I tell ya, the bar on top of the Standard has some wild restrooms. And a jacuzzi in the floor.

  • Exit 98

    As we say back home in Jersey while grabbing our balls ( tho’ quite sure you’d be happy to do it for us CS ), caveat THIS my friend. How low can Surfing go? No telling now really but i’m sure it will be more east coast oriented Chas-schtick that takes them there. Shocker …

  • killyridols

    $100 says Chas won’t write about a single person but himself for the entire Quik Pro. Can’t wait to see he and Jimmicane working together on the beach — Chas in ill-fitting, overpriced designer clothes bobbing his coif to shitty glo-fi while Jimmicane rocks Jags jerseys and growls out Waka Flocka Flame lyrics.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Once again this is how low the “journalistic” standard has fallen at the Source Interlink “ING”. To hear the articulate and intelligent voice of Nick Carroll on the webcast for Tahiti was refreshing. He brought that same sharp wit to “ING” and set a standard that is missed. Chas is pathetic and Jimmicane is just amped. More brash than brains. Mediocrity is the new norm and widely accepted at “ING”. Sad but true.

  • Seppo


  • Exit 98

    @ bill and i’m pretty sure CS knows which stalls have the holes carevd out in them, about waist high …

  • notcool

    complete bullshit what a waste of time chas

  • dgb

    Picking on Chas is like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s just too damn easy. Take the following: ‘There was a 12-dollar beach fee that nobody paid. Everyone shuffled by the sign and the teenagers collecting the fee with purposed faces. It was wonderful, like breaking into Disneyland. Like getting out of a speeding ticket.’ 1) If nobody paid, what were the teenagers collecting? 2) Chas failed to notice that there should never be a fee to use a public beach. The comparison of a public beach to a user pay amusement park and a fine for a traffic infringement is, well…very Chas.

    Chas claims that there is nothing better than the ASP. Let’s test his theory. Imagine how quikly the pro tour would disappear from our thoughts if it were PPV.

  • ndtube

    I don’t even know who Chas is, and to tell you the truth I really don’t care. However, I do have to comment on Kaipo Gomes post, and say that I completely agree that Nick Carroll is one of the best surf commentator’s of all time. I enjoyed every critique he had on the competitors and waves ridden, his insight on the sport of surfing, and his overall view of life in general. To be honest, I think all of the commentator’s during this year’s Tahiti contest deserve a round of applause.

  • tom tom

    i cant believe I saw the word “grandview”, thats funny.

  • Fo Real

    Chas, I hope a NY ghetto hood nigga beats and robs your pasty white ass

  • Tim C

    Surely it’s now time to drop the ‘Chas Smith’ blog, it’s not funny, never has been, and now it’s just tired. Yeah it winds people up, but the internet is full of crap which does that, better.

    Pathetic musings such as this certainly have no place in Surfing magazine. Chas Smith, who ever the hell he is, should maybe take up a new position with FHM, GQ or some other lifestyle magazine whose readership would fawn over his aspirational anecdotes.

    Time to go.

  • mic

    Easy to get rid of Chas and his jizzz drip, drip, drip. BOYCOT his blog. Don’t post another word. Only way to get rid of him. By posting we all keep humouring him and SM. So I say BOYCOT!
    Silence him with silence!
    PS I’m with ndtube the commentator’s during this year’s Tahiti contest were very good. Not as good as the waves, but good.

  • mic

    I take it all back. I love Chas and want more of him. I only feel bad about myself and then write hurtful things on his blog……so I take it all back and please post things everybody.

  • Loobs

    Really? Nick Carroll? Ugh.

    The only thing bad about this is that Chas should be staying at the Mercer…

  • mik

    hey mic 8;32 pm your not the same mic as the real mic that’s me at 5:59 so ffff aaaa qqqq you. Nice try tho. hahaha I say BOYCOT!

  • Sorry4myFrench

    Hey Chas, not sure you master french, what you said in the end translate into “spending a crazy night with a tall woman” ????

  • cw

    what is a “purposed” face. does he mean purposeful?
    hate to pile on, and i don’t mind his stuff, it’s kind of colorful.

  • JT

    Purposed: vb (tr)
    to intend or determine to do (something)

    Google it next time, so you don’t make Chas look smarter than anyone.