Five Photos by Jimmy Wilson

posted by / Blogs, Photo / August 31, 2010

SURFING’s photo team is ichiban number one on planet earth, but thousands of their images go unseen. This travesty shall not stand. We give you SURFING’s Five Photos series.


Last year I went on SURFING’s Swimsuit Issue shoot to Puerto Rico. I would claim it as one of the 10 best trips of my life. I got to hang out with smokin’ hot models, drink beer, and also visit with some of my Puerto Rican friends. I can’t really call this work. It was basically an epic vacation. Here’s to getting paid in lifestyle! —Jimmicane

This is Tayler. I’m pretty sure I fell in love with her on this trip but my only way to her heart is through comedian Katt Williams, who has apparently lost his mind. Dammit Katt, get it together already!


EmilySince this shoot, Emily has gone on to become a pretty successful model. That’s to no surprise to anyone. She is ridiculously beautiful. Watch this video if you want to see more: . The good things in this video are worth the bad ones.


Girls and cemetario
I just thought this angle was cool with the cementerio the background.


AllieProbably one of my personal favorite photos I’ve ever shot. You might be wondering why because it’s pretty simple. I’ll tell you. 1- It’s Allie. 2- Teal background (Yep, Jaguars).


If this is the hottest girl I ever make out with, I won’t be bummed. Feel free to hate on that one you angry internet people.

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  • chriscotetws

    I’m guessing in the case if these photos, double grabs would be acceptable?

  • Jeff

    Funny seeing surf photographers trying to shoot lifestyle fashion….

  • Jack Hicks

    you mean double inserts right?

  • andy b.

    Thanks Jimmicane, the teal one is the new desktop background!

  • Franchot

    Lol…. Jimmy, u are always making me laugh… And to the Internet lifestyle photographers… You guys could never shoot surfing! So go f$(6k yourselves 😉

  • Kim K

    Wow Jimmy I can’t believe you’re shooting for Surfing Magazine now. I’m so excited for you and your work is fantastic!! Not to mention the girls are pretty hott. Kim

  • Steve Briggs

    Yeah Jimmiwank just the latest in a long list of D-listers to come from the East Coast. Those are your best? Poaching the real bikini photog makes you a wanker. Just calling it like it is. Something you do on a regular basis.

  • james r

    Haha, Steve Briggs sounds gay. Why do people hate so much.

  • Paul

    re: Steve. Yo bud did you run out of peanut butter for your little pecker. Get a life man. No need to kreep on blogs and hate, you just sound like a jealous old man. Do you know Jimmy? He’s a cool guy and super witty. His photos are sick, from surfing to fashion. Maybe you have some better ones…? Post them barn! Lets see! Or else go crawl back into your hole.

  • antony gallegos

    frickin insane need to crash the yogurt truck right now!!!

  • sT. AUG

    jimmy learnt the art of shooting BItches from early age. Hes been shooting SURF STATION crew for years…..

  • Steve Briggs

    To james and Paul, who don’t have the balls to put their whole name, ask Jimmi who the “hired” photographer was on those shoots. It was not him. Therefore he was there to “poach” photos in between setups the real photographer was doing. Now does that make him a “Great” photographer? A person with an average IQ would say no. This photo display is supposedly the “best” shooters in the business. Point is he is not one of the best in the business. He is just an assistant at a magazine. If either of you wankers would have pulled up and done what he did you would of been arrested. How come you’re so quick to go to the gay card? Must be right up your alley.

  • billie goat

    Briggs, Your doing a real good job judging people on here behind your computer screen. Have you not gotten any lately? Do you always hate this hard? Your first sentence on this blog was hater. Not even close to criticism. Just hate. How do you expect anyone to respect you after that. Maybe you can post some of your photos or your website address and we’ll get back to you who the wanker is.

  • Steve Briggs

    Your whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance will arrive soon billie.

  • cholo

    lets name the cattle boys.
    jimmicane is a pretty SHIT photographer..
    so what hes got a 7D and can press the shutter…WOW!!!!

  • Steve Briggs

    Finally, a voice of reason. Props to Cholo you “get it”. Talk some sense into these wankers that jump to the “don’t hater”, “hater”, card without taking into context what is being said as factual.
    The truth hurts sometimes so deal with it.

  • Scott Chenoweth

    @ antony gallegos, I just want to let you know your comment made our core score page as “Up” this month. We’ve been cracking up here in the office at that one. Brilliant!

  • Adam Jones

    criticize a guy for taking photos of hot women? that is really hard to do without sounding like a hater. just being honest here. everyone is a photographer these days but if you make it to working for surfing magazine you must have done something right cause they have the best photos of any surf mag by a long shot and alot of those are jimmi’s.

  • Joe Rickette

    Briggs wheres your photos/ site— post it up, lets see your shit…or wait are you even a photographer? or just a wanking hater.

  • Steve Briggs

    I am a hater and I have no life. I am sorry for anything I have said. I am just a loser with no friends HIDING behind a computer screen and being mean to whoever I can. I am glad the rest of the world is not like me. Great shots Jimmi, work hard, play hard, live it up my man!

  • frank reynolds

    Steve briggs, im going to skeet on your pillow cases, then write a pretty poem about a flower and leave it on your doorstep

  • Steve Briggs

    Wow, how the real wankers come out of the closet. Steve Briggs Sept. 6 is a fake, probably Jimmiwanker himself. What is with the “hate”, “hater”, thing? Is that the best you can come up with to overcome facts and an intelligent observation. Your school bell is about to ring so go put on your skinny jeans, tight metrosexual v-neck t-shirt and wool beanie you Alex Knost lovers! For a real view of great photography and not the bottom of the barrell shots by Jimmi look to the greats like Hornbaker, Brewer, Chang, King, Van Lennep, Carey and guys that blazed a trail and didn’t follow one.
    Once again the truth hurts so man up you “haters” and come up with a new take.

  • danny j

    Wow everyone here is a serious loser. They’re fuckin photos people! Some will hate them and some will love them. No need to criticize and bash on 5 photos some photographer posted on