From the Editor: Dane Was Afraid of This

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / November 11, 2010

The man upon whom piranhas feed. Dane Reynolds: ever bitten, ever shy. Photo: Jeff Flindt

The man upon whom piranhas feed. Dane Reynolds: ever bitten, ever shy. Photo: Jeff Flindt


From the Editor is your passenger seat for a ride on the world’s greatest job, with SURFING Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Travis Ferré

There’s usually some kind of fire to put out when I get to work. But the past week has been pretty damn overwhelming. I lost a hero, watched another win his unfathomable 10th ASP World Title and now this: “Dane Reynolds is Quitting Tour?”

Oh shit. (Or maybe not, depending on your thoughts of the tour.) But anyway…

I made it to the office feeling very much like I’d beaten the game by stuffing a surf in between my coffee and commute. It’s the little things, I guess. But when I arrived at the office people looked nervous. “Is Dane Reynolds going to quit the tour?” I had voice mails, text messages, e-mails, a handwritten note (which is my preferred method of contact) and people were stopping by all day. Only after seeing some posts online do I realize Dane’s worst nightmare has come true: the sensationalizing of his words.

Stab Magazine posted a few pieces of a future profile on Dane to their website with the line written by Jed Smith: “He tells me why the Pipe Masters will be almost certainly be his last world tour event, why he feels ‘surfing is in a weird place’ and will bare more of his soul than anyone in his position has ever done before.”

Panic at the keyboard!

But before you go tweet it or something, read this: earlier the same morning I e-mailed with Dane about a page we’re doing on his film Thrills, Spills and What Not next month for our upcoming Films Issue. The subject of that article causing all the commotion online was brought up. “I’d prefer if you didn’t run it,” he told me, as we did have the opportunity. “I don’t have a good feeling about that one.” And all I can really tell you at this point is that we’re not going to run the piece.

So for now, I’m only here to calm you down (remember I surfed today, I hope you did too). I’m not going to say whether it’s true or not that Dane’s leaving the Tour (because I don’t know, and I don’t know if Dane does either), but this is exactly the kind of thing he tries to avoid. What I do know though is that he’s interested in working on a project with us very soon. So that’s something to look forward to. —Travis Ferré

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  • ds

    I’m all for Dane quitting the tour. I have more respect for the Malloys and Machado for not surfing the tour at this point. The tour is great for the sport’s commercialization, but surfers like Dane just don’t care that that much about the format(so he says) and I’d be infinitely more stoked to see his random videos popping up with him blowing up and buying his videos than see all sorts of ridiculous expectations heaped on him.

    I get the sense that Dane doesn’t care too much about money or fame but loves surfing and being creative. He lives in Ventura and there are some amazing creative surfers in that area. The Malloys are amazing and Dane would fit in with the Patagonia crew perfectly. As much as I know about Dane and the way he talks about his likes and frustrations in interviews, it seems like he’d be happier in a less commercialized outlet and in the end, the happier Dane is the more we all get to enjoy his surfing even if it doesn’t sell as many shirts or boards.

  • Willis

    See what Dane has to say about stab here…

  • Loligagger

    Wow, “ds” has swallowed the bait hook-line-and-sinker. At least the tour is honest about it’s commercialization. Machado and the Malloys are “freesurfers” because they get PAID shitloads to do it for sneaky marketing off all their sponsor’s goodies (which you surely buy to be “free” like them). Dane “doesn’t care about money and fame” because he has shitloads of both.

    Don’t mean to sound like eggy no-soul, guy, cause I’m a fan of all the above and their paths in surfing. But let’s not kid ourselves either. Freesurfing is a job as commercialized as anything, it’s just more sneaky (for suckers like “ds”). The tour is honest work.

    If Dane quits before he ever wins an event, his legacy will be marred for all time. (Machado won some events, and shoulda won a title…except for that stupid high-five. The Malloys never quit had it in ’em). Now that Slates and AI are done dominating, it’s time for Jordy and Dane to do what they were meant to. Don’t quit yet Dane…at least win one. Just one. You know you can.

  • Mik

    STAB is the dark side of Oz’s surf culture. It has its moments of being wickedly funny, but it is also in the same vein as another Aussie media dark side: FOX / aka Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is a fuckstick whose take on life has seriously darkened America, or at least rattled the chains often enough to invoke the darkside here. STAB is another questionable influence. Their images of Andy, post tragedy, suck. As does their sensationalist take on it. Regardless, the onus is on us to chose to read that crap, or not. Ill take Andy’s approach on this per his comments regarding ice-skating: STAB is OUT. The Aussie’s on the tour are rad. I love em all, but the fringe haters at SCAB are lame and not worth anyone’s attention… Much like the massive numbers of racist anti-environmentalists in Australia. They’ve got problems there too, it seems. BTW: Dane Reynolds is an awesome addition to the tour. He shouldn’t worry about titles, but he should compete. He utterly changes the way everyone else surfs. In a different way than Andy did, but still, an important way. Andy did it with power and reckless precision; Dane with altitude, and reckless abandon. Kelly with everything.

  • The Bodie Zaffa

    All you girlies need to get off Stab’s jock and let em be. It’s not Jed Smith’s fault that Dane cant keep his emotions in check when asked random questions about his place on tour and in surfing history. There was no gloch held to his head to say what he did, and Stab merely reported it. Surfing, Surfer and TWS are to worried about if they are being PC and if they hurt thier pro bro surfers feelings. I’m pretty sure when you get paid 6 figs to simply SURF, you can handle some pointless website poking fun at you. The rupert murdoch example above is bat shit crazy by the way. Stab isnt some billion dollar magazine trying to take over the world, they simply give different perspectives into surfer’s daily lives, not some glossed over sponsor ad/story created each and every boring ass month by TWS, Surfing and Surfer mag. How many times can you put together a “Dream Boattrip” in Indo that talks about how great of bros they all are?

    Class Dimissed.

  • Rook

    Might have something to do with his new VA deal. Dane is the next Machado. His ultra cruisy Surfy personality is his primary value to his sponsors, just like Machado’s is to his. Machado was one of the most marketable surfers of all time. I think the BONG/VA deal is gonna change a lot of stuff for Danes direction and I am sure Dane wants a new project for his new money not an old one with his old stickers. One thing is for sure though, whatever Dane does for a video project will be unreal. I do hope he stays on tour though. I may stop watching the comps if Dane and Slates both go. I can’t handle anymore GAY ASS supermans from Jordy.

  • Mik

    the Bodie Zaffa probably lives somewhere else, where that asshole Murdoch hasn’t fucked the hope out of his government, so he doesn’t have the axe to grind against Aussie weirdness that I do—is probably closer to the truth. so i’m as free to rant as STAB is, yeah? and my rant is fuck STAB, which is an abbreviation for back-stabber, as in the bullshit they threw at Mick Fanning, and fuck Murdoch for undermining our economy by undermining progressive politics here.

  • Ken

    Honestly, how cares except you @ss lickers in the american surf media. Dane, no doubt is an incredible talent, but tends to goes missing in the pressure heats at the point end of the draw. His unpredictability is predictable ie, he’ll give up on the heat when he doesn’t pull his first big move.

    If he wants to quit, it won’t be huge loss for the tour, it’s clear that his surfing is better suited to video, where you can edit out all the failed attempts before producing the gold.

    The tour still has the best surfers that can hold back that tiny fraction, and still blow up. ie parko, smith, slater and fanning etc etc. They will consistently surf better for longer periods of time, that’s why they will always be better surfers overall.

    Dane is great for surfing, but needs to hold a more consistent level to be a more complete surfer.

  • The Bodie Zaffa

    I would tell you to come on over to the U.S., and leave America Lite ( Oz) behind, but you seem to aggro for the most dominant power player of a country ever concieved. “Good on ya mate” for hating murdoch, I read a book on him once, seemed like an ahole. However his dooshy-ness aint nuthin compared to who we have running our country so I wouldnt get started on how some news tycoon is tryin to ruinin your wave rich, nude beached filled country. You think Mick Fanning really gives two squirts of piss about some online rag of a magazine messing with him? Probs def not. Go drink some piss matey or chill with a kangaroo. I know, I know, I’m really xenophobic.

  • Mik

    thnx Bodie. gracious of you for tolerating my rant.

    Ken: Dane is as consistent, and radical doing on-the-face maneuvers as anyone on tour. that includes everyone. when he goes to the air, which is his unique domain, he is maybe even more consistent than anyone on tour, save Jordy. Dane’s only problem is that he likes airs more than anything else, and airs with rotation will always be a50/50, or at best a 60/40 proposition. which is how brilliant WCT level on-the-face surfers can beat him. Dane knows it. it;s no secret. his dilemma is does he keep rolling the dice on tour, or just go have fun. personally, i hope he stays. cause he’s one of those elute pros where you count down waiting for his heat to start.

  • The real Bodhisattva

    I was kinda bummed when I heard that Dane was possibly quitting the tour- it’s fuckin cool to see him blow up “live” and do sick shit. On the other hand, maybe dane’s missing out on not becoming the best surfer he can because he’s occupied for eight months out of the year on tour. If he wasn’t on tour he could go on more trips, get better waves more consistantly and would have more time to do art projects and shit. Either way, if surfing is your job, it will always be some sort of competiton. It it wasn’t, everyone would do it.

  • The real Bodhisattva

    and Ken –

    Reall? Who gives a shit about “the best surfers that can hold back that tiny fraction”? Don’t you want to watch the guy who lets it all hang out, who pushes the fucking envelope?

  • chuck buckets


    Dane is riding for RVCA now?

  • mic

    and the real Bodhisattva –
    Really, who gives a shit lets go surf!

  • jon surf boy

    …some thoughts…

    Dane will do better… blah blah blah… the Malloy’s … blah blah blah … look at Rasta… blah blah blah…

    -Rasta is an uneducated environmental nut-job.

    – the Malloys are known for their beards and hip trend appearance. One of them looks like Santa.

    -Chippa is light years ahead of guys like Taylor Knox. The announcers will continue to salivate over T-knox’s 1990’s turns.

    -The Santa Cruz recovering drug addicts are more enjoyable to watch: dropping into huge pits of water than watching Jadson’s air reverse.

    -ASP has not moved ahead, but is still 1990’s – the waves are all rights and do not allow much progression: Bells? Why?


  • dgb

    Dane needs to quit because he’s not good enough. There used to be an argument for the radical vanguard of surfing to bypass the tour because progressive surfing wasn’t rewarded; that is no longer the case. Judges come in their pants at the sight of what’s called progressive nowadays – despite the crab in – crab out inevitability. You have to be good at something first before you can walk away in an air of being to good for it. Dane’s lost two semi-finals this year and is currently 5th. 5th is nowhere. Now if the guy won the tour one time then said it’s shit and I’m not interested…that would be another thing all together.

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  • Rook

    Chuck Buckets –
    Its all the talk of the town. DC couldn’t resign cause quik is off the nose. RVCA via Bong must have put up the best offer. RVCA fits his vibe better and its the best way for Bong to bring it to the top. Either that or its just gonna bury Dane. Only time will tell, but you can expect a New Dane going into 2011 either way.

  • The Man

    Dane is right to assess whether or not the tour is going to be fulfilling to his life. Everyone should do that. Dane might be happier doing something else, or doing surfing differently. He would hate it if he woke up in 10 years and looked back on all the traveling and competing only to realize that he was only ever in the top 10 and never on Top. Nobody but Matt Warshaw remembers who was second place much less the top 10. Dane’s smart. He needs to figure out if he wants to win world titles or just be a personality guy, or something totally different.

  • twono

    rvca sucks and now just more reason for more surfers to be artsy fartsy, wear V necks, style their hair, and pretend to be indie rockers… what is with that

  • CheeseSandwich

    Dane’s contract with Quik is secure for 2011. A quote’s a quote. Not much need to lament or clarify it. More revelations and interesting analysis available here:

  • sam

    Surfing keepin’ up the hard-hitting “surf journalism”. Since when does a writer/editor take direction on what can and can’t be mentioned in a magazine from outsiders? Broishness at its finest. Grow a pair Travis.

  • Alex Kaheka

    Since when does a man hide behind internet one-word aliases “sam”? Grow a pair yourself and use your real name or else STFU

  • sam

    sorry bru, no Alex Kaheka around. But you agree that surf mags should let surfers and their sponsors edit content?

  • Rhys

    Seems like a missed opportunity here Trav, considering how big a story this is. You don’t know if Dane is quitting and you didn’t ask him.

    You also seem to have taken his advice on what article to run in the magazine.

    And now we should look forward to you both collaborating on a project very soon? How will we know what you write about the project is the truth? Maybe it’ll only be what Dane wants you to write? What should we believe?

  • sam

    Rhys is 100% correct.