Happy Ending: Blue Solitude

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Happy Ending.
Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

If you could, would you want to surf the best waves of your life alone? Jon Krakauer tried solving an Alaskan deviant of that riddle in his book, Into The Wild. The non-fiction story tells the tale of Christopher McCandles, a Virginia youth who decided to walk out on everything he had built in life. Alone and underprepared, Old Chris hitchhiked to The Last Frontier’s Stampede Trail and disappeared. He survived for approximately 100 days. And at some point during those 15 weeks, he scribbled in his notebook, “Happiness is only real when shared.”

So, if you could, would you want to surf the best waves of your life by yourself? Do you need to share happiness in order for it to be real? One thing’s for sure — if you went the way solitude, your friends totally wouldn’t believe you. —Brendan Buckley

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  • Travo

    What a nice photograph, but consider being less explicit in your text. Had the caption just given the quote you could have elicited the same sort of replies.

    That said, yes, I would love to surf the best waves of my life alone. As a matter of fact, I seem to surf alone a lot these days, oftentimes at strange hours of the night. While I enjoy the exchange of hoots and smiles with others, my desire to surf is firmly rooted in embracing the here-and-now that is required for maintaining grace in a chaotic moving space.

  • greg

    Nope; I am up for sharing it first with my wife, then with a friend, then with a friend I don’t know yet. That triad would make it much better than alone.