Happy Ending: Something To Ponder

posted by / Blogs, Happy Ending, Photos / November 22, 2013

Dylan GoodaleDylan Goodale. Photo: Jimmicane

This could be the 23,740th sunset they’ve ever seen. Or the 16,435th sunset they’ve seen together. Or the 983rd time they’ve watched the ball of fire dip into the Pacific from this exact location, but that doesn’t matter. Because it’s the first time they’ve ever seen Dylan Goodale surf.

And maybe it’s about juxtaposition. Old and young, damp and dry, red-sweatered and wetsuited. Three people sharing one moment, their differences disappearing as fast as day. That could be it.

Or it might be a reminder. We’re all going to be old one day. And we should make no room for excuses in our youth. We ought to live while we can, before our days become Denny’s in the morning, sunsets at night and a whole lot of D- driving in between. Before our backs give out and our knees go. Before arthritis. Maybe that’s what it’s about.

Or it could be about surfing. About Jimmicane finding a new angle to shoot one of Southern California’s most popular waves and Dylan Goodale lobbing an air into the most golden light. About the touch of Dylan’s grab and the tweak of his frozen-in-motion spin. How cool?

Maybe it’s about giving us all something to ponder. —Brendan Buckley

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  • shark

    Great angle for a shot

  • ninny

    another absolute piece of shit traSH

  • sean

    nice work jimmicane

  • ninny

    hes spearing the old dude in the head

  • MARK

    The picture say’s more to me than I think it does to the others that commented. I am about to turn 66, some days I feel like it, most I don’t. I grew up in Los Angeles and I started surfing in the late ’50’s, thanks to the guy that lived next to us, a lifeguard in Santa Monica. I surfed at a time when there were no crowds to deal with ( except Malibu at times) and having a wave to yourself was for the most part, the norm. There wasn’t any “locals only” attitude that has developed since. The surf movies I went to at the Santa Monica Civic were narrated by Bruce Brown and he was actually sitting on the stage narrating it. How times have changed. My first board bought at a police auction was a Dewey Weber with have the nose broken off for $50.00. Repaired by a local surf shop in SM, I spent an entire summer surfing at the foot of Sunset Blvd, getting better as the sun dropped into the Pacific each night. When I started driving, my range expanded. From Sunset Blvd north, all the way to Hollister Ranch, and the ranch at that time was off limits. Couldn’t legally surf there. At California Street in Ventura, where a large hotel now sits, was a trailer park. A surfing buddy of mine had an aunt that lived there so we rode at C Street a lot. The Oil Piers, C Street, Ventura Overhead, Rincon, Secos and of course The Ranch to name a few spot’s. Parking on the highway was no problem and I don’t ever remember having to pay to park anywhere. Those days are long gone, eh ? I will end this (boring story to some) by saying my first “brand new” board was a Yater. Wish I still had it. Enough of my ramblings. That picture says a lot to me and I still surf, long board of course.