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posted by / Blogs / March 6, 2012

Lounging at its finest. Post-surf, of course. Photo: Russo

Lounging at its finest. Post-surf, of course. Photo: Russo

Stasia puts all those spinning classes to the real test. Success. Photo: Russo

Stasia puts all those spinning classes to the real test. Success. Photo: Russo


WatchING: My favorite TV show is Dexter. I love how funny and dark it is — very clever and well written. I can’t stand watching things that are stale and boring, otherwise it loses my interest quickly. Favorite movies include Last House on the Left (the original), Sin City and The King of Kong (documentary of the best Donkey Kong players in America). My favorite surf movie I’m going to have to say is WHO IS JOB. Jamie is such a great surfer and his movie amps me up to go charge bigger waves and push my boundaries.

ReadING: I’ve re-read The Secret many times. I’m actually a huge believer and I think it works. I love reading Bret Easton Ellis books (Less than Zero, American Psycho). The writing is unique in his books and the stories suck you into reading them. I like things that have a dark sense of humor (much like myself) and a lot of hidden themes within the writing. I like anything that makes you think and reassess the world.

BrowsING: Online, I like to check out Tumblr and see how many surf lifestyle images there are on the web — all different images from all over the world. for checking the waves. For searching the web, I dig Lastly, of course Twitter. I think the funniest and most random people are on Twitter. I get a laugh every time someone writes me something ridiculous.

PlayING: I love spinning — I think it is one of the best workouts besides surfing. I try and go to the gym Equinox, they have the best classes. I love driving, even though I’m not the best car driver (haha). I like to go out to the desert and drive dune buggies in the sand dunes. I also like to get my race on at K-1 Racing. It’s an indoor kart racing course with gas powered cars.

ConsumING: I’m absolutely obsessed with shoes. I’m lucky to be sponsored by Airwalk so I don’t have to buy any. I’ve been into buying stuff on Etsy, and Ebay. Not typical things you find in stores though — more like custom jewelry and unique clothing pieces.

EatING and DrinkING: I try to eat really healthy. I’m not really a fan of junk food or anything super processed. I eat Sambazon Acai all the time. It’s a great pre-surf meal. One of my favorite places to eat is Captain Mauris in San Clemente. They have really great fresh squeezed juices and salads. I also love Hapa J’s as well. They have great Hawaiian/Asian inspired food and a fun atmosphere.

PartyING: My theory is that if you’re with good people, you can have fun anywhere you are. I’ve been known to throw a good house party or two. In San Clemente, I love to go to Sunsets by the Pier.

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  • Super

    Love this girl and the way she is just herself. Good job anastasia for never stoping to be a great roll model and do what you want.

    Its nice to see people able to just be themselves and not be conform to someone they are not by a company or parent.

  • Sociopath

    Jakefoos is a worthless faggot.

  • commentonly

    he might be perv, worthless faggot probally not. he finds relevance in a beautiful girls butt…..

  • HBCASurfer

    She’s a great surfer AND she looks awesome!
    Best of both worlds!
    That sums it up!