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posted by / Blogs / January 11, 2012

Fueled by beans, Dane ventures down the trail. Photo: Jimmicane

Fueled by beans, Dane ventures down the trail. Photo: Jimmicane

Dane Gudauskas, good company any day. Photo: Jimmicane

Dane Gudauskas, good company any day. Photo: Jimmicane

WatchING:As far as what I have been watching, it’s kind of spotty. Sometimes I have no TV for a while or can’t get excited enough to turn it on. But, I watched an insane documentary about the musician, Daniel Johnston, the other day with my brothers. His story is pretty insane — he opens up a whole new perspective to his music. As far as television goes, I always just end up watching the Food Network. I love it. Watching Bobby Flay work his magic gets me inspired to try new stuff behind the grill or in the kitchen!

ReadING:I forget what sparked the thought in my mind, but sometime a few months ago I felt a culinary revival go on in my mind. All I could think of was beans — how to cook them, hot, cold and different flavors — I wanted to know about all of it. So, my mom turned me on to this book called Diet for a Small Planet. It’s a super interesting read, basically talking about the effects that the consumption of beef has on not only the human body, but also the social and economical impact of the world. Also, how it affects the natural resources of the world. I don’t know, I’m not a vegetarian, but this book is really thought provoking and offers up some amazing protein combinations found in nature without eating meat. I love reading books that challenge the way that I would generally see something.

BrowsING:My favorite thing to look at online besides the surfy surf stuff is YouTube. It’s dope; you can watch anything on there. I wish I could record some stuff off of there. It always seems like there are the coolest recordings.

PlayING:On the road I love to play music. It’s a great way to pass the time. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to travel with instruments. Over here in Hawaii I have just been playing salad bowls with some spoons! Anything to keep the rhythm going.

ConsumING:: Beans, beans, other food, and beans. I don’t know — are they a superfood? They sure taste good. If I could eat them for every meal, I probably would. So, if anybody out there has any good recipes, let me know! I try and eat anything that makes me feel good. When I drink, I drink a Budweiser. With a lime wedge, compliments of my pop’s recommendation. How does the saying go? “A day older and a Bud (wiser)“? Or is it “first for thirst, second for flavor”? And you can’t forget water. I love water.

The other day, I went deep in a Zippy’s chilli bowl and for a moment I almost blacked out. It was so good. I love chilli too. Chilli and beans will make me happy any day. Although, you probably wouldn’t want to sit next to me on a plane after a full tank of gas.

PartyING:The way I see it, when you go out partying, it really doesn’t matter where you go, but it’s more about who you are with. Sometimes I can have more fun hanging in the back of a tailgate with friends then hanging in some stuffy club. I’d take good company over something high profile any day.

ListenING:You might have to ask my brothers. I swear, when I get stoked on something I’ll just play it over and over until it’s just burned through and the boys are like, “You’re playing this again!?” Recently, I got hooked on the Elvis’ Blue Hawaiialbum. I don’t know why. It’s just all time. Elvis is the king.

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  • Andy

    dane, if you wanna get youtube stuff into mp3 format do this. been doing it for a while when i cant find the track elsewhere…

  • Mario Maggio

    Dane, anytime you wanna come up and make some new friends up here we always have waves. cheers.

  • Kaleb Ede

    Yo dane im sure you know this but what about beannies and weinnies. With beans and hotdogs mixed together. im sure you know that ha but its probably one of my favorite meals….beans are good..

  • Bean Love

    My not so secret bean recipe

    Sautee together

    some oother pepper
    juice from 2 limes

    Cook beans in broth or water
    add sautee mixture

    For extra-ness add a can of herdez salsa

    Simmer till tender add more lime

    broke da mouth

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