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posted by / Blogs / June 13, 2012

Paul Fisher. Photo: JimmicanePaul Fisher. Photo: Jimmicane

Watching: To be honest, I haven’t been watching too much TV. If there is a good flick on I’ll get into it. I just recently watched a documentary on Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna and that blew my mind. But, to be honest, I like to be outdoors socializing with the boys, talking shit and having a laugh. I have been on the road so much lately that when I’m on trips I’m catching upwith people I haven’t seen in ages.

Reading: My attention span is like a five year old boy on heat. If you can’t get me to watch TV, you definitely ain’t going to see me reading a book — I’ll just see it when they make the book into a movie.

Browsing: I do spend a lot of time on the net browsing for music and watching a lot of artists perform at massive festivals. That makes me just jump out of my skin to get there and play at those massive parties. YouTube is pretty amazing too. You can watch everything — whatever you want is there. I spend a lot of time in the vortex.

Playing: I DJ and produce music in most of my spare time these days. I’m in a little duo with my good mate Leigh Sedley and we’re called CUTSNAKE. When I’m out of the water I’m finding music or with Sedz producing as much as wecan. The parties we have been playing lately in LA have been all time and it gives me a buzz to watch people go mad to our tunes and see everyone bopping to the beat. It’s sick.

Buying: Last thing I bought was a ticket to Bali to go surf. The best money I’ve ever spent. I don’t care how much a trip costs in the end if you get good waves with all your mates — that’s the ultimate feeling. Nothing really beats that. Maybe a bit of barney at the end of the rainbow (laughs).

Eating and Drinking: My favorite food in the whole world is steak, mashed potatoes and salad. I could eat that all day. Any type of BBQ. Nothing’s better than ripping into a good snag. As far as drinking, I was born in the rum capitol of Australia, Bundaberg. So good old stiff bundy rum and coke.

Partying: Well, we have been playing some fun parties lately up here in LA at the downtown Standard — the Roosevelt pool party is always a good one to play too. We just recently played at a private party up here and they had a nightclub in their house. It was the craziest set up I have ever seen. A sound systemthat would rip your head off. I love going out with all the boys, running amuck anywhere. If you have good company the stories will follow and so will the hangover. But you got to love it.

Listening: I love listening to house music all day long. If that shit doesn’t get you bopping then you need to see a doctor. The doctor will thentell you to go see a shrink. I’ve had Machado considering changing his career to become a full time raver. I just recently got back from the Miami Ultra Music Festival and that was mind-boggling. Three days of madness watching some of my favorite artists.

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  • DK

    Thank you Surfing Magazine for this primer on what not to eat/listen to/read/watch/drink/buy/attend to avoid becoming an unthinkably egotistical, unfunny, unoriginal, homophobic douchebag. Most of this was self-evident (esp. the LA pool party stuff), but nonetheless good to have in print for posterity.

  • Ass Pirate

    Yaaaaaay. I love house music and LA pool parties too! I dance around and get all sweaty with my mates all day too! I dont read much either! I just look at the pictures in my Playgirl magazines! i dont surf much because anymore beacause Im too smoked from all night E parties too!! Lets hang out!! Yaaaaay…

  • LS

    Haters are going to hate brah!! FISH, keep partying, keep charging, and keep updating! Follow the fish ROCKS!!

  • Gary

    @LS – You raise an interesting point, haters are, IN FACT, going to hate, by definition. I mean, bus drivers are going to drive a bus and tennis players are going to play tennis and so on. So, thank you for pointing that out. Astute.

    As for The Fish, he is a case study in why surfers should just surf, not talk (or attempt comedy, music, etc.). Yes, he can surf well, but he’s tone-deaf, taste-challenged and funny like a late-stage cancer.

  • Bob Chode

    Have you seen my friend Molly?

  • Archer

    Mate, you embarrass Australians…and that’s no easy feat.

  • Jarrif

    Obvi, Fish is being ironic. You guys are fricken clueless…

  • Klent Westwood

    pop this guy make my day,,,,

  • Karl

    Fish might be offensive, and he might be ironic, but one thing he is for sure is unfunny. But if you’re in the mood for a good not-laugh, I’m told he has a website full of ’em.

  • Eric

    FISH!!! That guy is rad! He brings a lighter side of surfing, oh and when the hell has he ever been “homophobic”?

  • Mick

    You blokes are hating are pathetic. The fish lives a very enjoyable life and seems to be making the most. It must be jelousy and your average personal circusmtances that bring out this negativity.

  • Sunny

    holy shit, some of you dead shits need to lighten up just a tad and see the funny side of things, the fish is classic. his like the chasers war on everything but surfing. And i really dont give a shit if you hate him, but saying his a disgrace to aussies, you can kindly go fuck yourselves