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posted by / Blogs / April 12, 2012

Tanner Rozunko, double shakas in uniform. Photo: Duncan Macfarlane
Tanner Rozunko, double shakas in uniform. Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

WatchING: I’m always watching TV. Some people think it’s bad for your brain or whatever. I don’t care. I like shows like American Pickers, seeing all the old cool stuff they come across really revs my engine. I am also a fan of Seinfeld — I feel that they really cover every aspect of life — plus I think Elaine is hot.

ReadING: The last book I read was Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. It was dark, disturbing, and depressing. I thought it was cool.

BrowsING: I now am a part of the 21st century and own an iPhone so I am addicted to all the useless social networking sites. I just can’t stop — I am weak to computer technology and it will ultimately become the downfall of the human race.

PlayING: I’m always playing music. I love being able to pick up a guitar or harmonica or whatever and make music. I probably annoy the hell out of everyone around me, for that I’m sorry. I like playing on my skateboard as well. Skateboarding is usually a good escape from all the title race talk.

ConsumING: Ah, my first world problem of consuming way too many things. I have a serious addiction to buying clothes that I really don’t need. Mostly leather and denim jackets, girly rings and things, boots, and stuff like that. It’s probably good that I don’t have much money, or I would probably have motorcycles and cars that don’t run and would be lying around collecting dust and making rust.

EatING and DrinkING: I don’t know why, but the only drink I enjoy is Dr. Pepper — I usually try and avoid places that don’t have it.

PartyING: I usually hate parties, all the people acting like idiots, jocks fighting, loud teenage girls yelling and throwing up from the over consumption of their flavored vodkas. It doesn’t really excite me. I like keeping it more mellow — just hanging out. Though, every once in a while I like to do some wild teenage partying.

ListenING: Currently, I have just been rocking out to the cool music scene that has been going down in Orange County and LA. So many good bands that have cool-punk-fun sounds and there’s always shows to go to. I just like guitars, drums and bass — the basics to make fun rock ‘n’ roll music.

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  • unidentified

    who the f is tanner rozunko??? sweet picture dude

  • Tori Ray

    Idk who this guy is.. but he’s gorgeous..and I like the way he thinks.

  • Me

    Really no one he isnt on the world tour and he sucks

  • Bass

    He is the soltun of swat! The king of crash! The colossous of clout! THE COLOSSUS OF CLOUT! The great tanner rozunko


    I cant tell if he is serious with these hipster responses or if hes making fun of them. Let us know Tanner

  • yeah guy

    I am still trying to figure out why ING ran this… no talks of drunken orgies and fights that end in murder, no crazy coke binges, no domestic violence, no roided localism, etc. etc. So, you mean to tell me that there are normal kids in the industry that enjoy a cold Dr. Pepper and for the most part avoid parties? And to think… I was starting to believe that surfing is bad ass and was about to go and buy an Von – FTW bedazzled t-shirt.

  • Captain Froth

    Tanner Rozunko once told me “Live hard, die young, leave a good lookin carcus.” Charlee Sheen faked ill one night of a hollywood spring break bender because he couldn’t hang with Zunko’s pace: Tanner promptly fired him and started partying with the homeless at Ole Hanson. Smaill Brains court him. They present him with private jets to Ibiza,ViP tables and bottle service, yet he chooses the streamline rig rockin high tops, listening to ACDC.

    He is… the most interesting man in the Clem.

  • Wyatt

    Every time I read the Ing series, I hope against hope to find an at-lest somewhat articulate surfer. Or, if not well-spoken, at least unique. Or, if not well-spoken and unique, at least funny. And yet, to date, no dice. :-(

    I comfort myself with this mantra, “We’re not all like this. We’re not all like this. We’re not all…”

  • earl

    another d-bag.. yawn.

  • jake ericson

    met him last year with some of the boys.. we were all in our boardies. he noticed the buttons on my trunks. i miss his smile and laughter as he teased my hair.. he’s a fun man, a true gentle soul. He is sweet and fine.

  • hasselhoff

    very cool, someone that isn’t a jock

  • Mcshizzle

    What’s up with the hands? What do you call that? A notka, backwards hands, come on you wanker, it ain’t that hard. You will NEVER see a local give a Shaka showing their palms. Is this guy that out of touch.


    Who is that MF????!!!!! I think he isnt nobody for us