Jeremy Flores + Child: A Comedy

posted by / Blogs / August 13, 2010

Jeremy Flores loves children from David Malcolm on Vimeo.








This is not what it seems — unless what it seems is f—king hilarious — but Jeremy Flores is no monster. Quite the opposite. Jeremy’s the guy who dropped his Quiksilver Pro prize money on the spot for Victorian wildfire relief two years ago, in the nadir of a global recession — and it’s not like he’s even Australian. The story here is that this kid had no pen when he approached Jeremy for an autograph. The voice is Sterling Spencer’s from his website (spot on, Sterls).

For more about Sterling, see the Self-Made Centaur feature in this month’s issue of SURFING. Also keep in mind that Jeremy Flores is a good person.

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  • JohnO

    He’s still f—ing frenchy.

    Hilarious, Spencer.

  • FYL

    wow, glad the air is cleared on that. He’s a good guy after all.

  • Honoliscious

    Jeremy is a cool guy, this kid had no pen, Jeremy had just lost his heat… Most part of other CT guys would have done the same, or not even say a word to this penless kid.
    Bande de ricanus troufions !

  • Lazymorning

    That was some hilarious shiite! Love it when the kid flopped down feeling rejected… great voiceover by Sterling. Cool you guys clarified what really went down.

  • brazo

    not funny.

    joke’s on spencer for taking the time to do this.
    type of thing is funny when its your mate, you dont do this, post it on the web just to be destructive to someone else…
    not a man’s action

  • Insight

    omg,, so f’ing funny!

  • twon

    If I were Jeremy, I would find that floridian barney and kick his ass…. the video makes jeremy look like a complete ass. that kid really didnt have a pen, hes from south africa, no one there actually writes.

  • Alex K.

    What exactly is at issue here? That Jeremy didn’t do the right thing or that Sterling didn’t do the right thing?

    Jeremy should have found a pen, or found the kid afterward and signed his poster. Did he? We don’t know.

    Sterling should have thought about the consequences of indirectly slandering a guy he doesn’t really know.

  • Alex K.

    And “the video makes Jeremy look like a complete ass” twon, but is that Sterling’s fault? Seems like it’s Jeremy’s fault. If I look ugly in a photo it’s not the photographer’s fault.

  • NotSoObvious

    This clip is funny for what it really is… a funny voiceover; thats all it is. Everyone lighten up and stop taking yourselves so seriously… you’re really not that important. If you want to blast someone, blast that guy with a backpack looking at the kid balling wanting an autograph. He’s the real dick. You don’t think he has a freakin pen?! And, what athlete in this world has signed every autograph seeker’s request??

  • Billabong

    You all foiled our plan, damn kids! We lost Kalohe. We lost Jordy. Now we have sterling w/ what we thought was a funny piece at a Billabong event w a Billabong kid setup w out a pen… And now he’s debunked by this forum… We can’t even hold our own shits together… If it wasn’t for those rascally kids, we would have gotten away with it!!! I guess we’ll just buy a company and pray it works for the best… A-F-R-I-C-A!

  • Whitewater

    Tehehe, Funnay!
    Some uptight commenters here, that be funny too. Tehehe…

  • I’m fine as hell

    Looks like we got another athlete ready for the big leagues of gaydom. sterlz is for sherlz a gay. i can smell it in his squeeky voice. this shit aint funny girly sterly. jeremys an athlete. what are you gonna do about it? pearce him with the top of your pink triangle that you tell everyone is just a modern collective collectable? ya right rainbow head.

  • ralph whitby

    Jeremy is still a kid at 22. stuck up depressed poor little surfer. well i guess if your surfing was seroiusly outdated then sure i would probably be the same!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PAZ

    CADE A HUMILDADE????????????


  • JAN

    is French…:/

  • Disappointed

    Professional athletes derive 100% of their income from fan support. If there were no fans of the sport there would be no pros and these thankless pricks would be swinging hammers or pushing pencils like the rest of the people that actually make an economy work.
    You lost your heat? Boo-f**king-hoo. In this video you can see no less than at least four people who almost certainly had a pen on them.
    What is unique about surfing is that it may be the only sport where a large percentage of its participants not only couldn’t give a shit about professional surfing and the spoiled jerks that dominate it, but would actually like to see pro surfing vanish with the salty mist on a clean offshore day.
    The more money and attention that pro surfing draws in the more displeasurable the activity becomes.
    You guys found the fountain of youth and whored it out to a bunch of ingrates who just piss in it now.
    Next time, Jeremy, take a minute out of your life to show gratitude to the people who make your paycheck possible.
    To the rest of the industry, start giving back to what you just keep pilfering from. THAT’S what good business is al about.
    (Brought to you by the people who know the difference between capitalism and shameless opportunism)

  • literate african

    Twon ur a dick.people can write on africa

  • noah

    It’s still an amazing parody. and funnier each time.