Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: Hurley Pro At Lowers

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Passion Picks: 2013 Hurley Pro

With a pretty horrendous forecast on the horizon, look for the Hurley Pro to run straight through and finish on Wednesday in groveling conditions. Here are my picks. —Jimmicane

Kelly Slater
That injured shoulder bothers me. No matter how many acupuncture sessions or Chia Seeds you eat, old men just don’t heal quickly. Really wanted to leave him off but logic kicked me in the head multiple times over the past few days forcing me to leave Slater on. With the small forecast on tap, he’s at an advantage over Jordy Smith who has proven to come unglued in shitty conditions.

However, wouldn’t surprise me if his own promotion to help Dane Reynolds get the video wildcard slot will come back to bite him in the ass.

Mick Fanning
This guy is a well oiled machine. Word on the cobblestones is that he showed up straight off a plane, half asleep and immediately put on a clinic. It’s the most in form I’ve seen him since his win in ’09. I think Mick will lead the ratings into France.

Adriano de Souza
The Energizer Brazilian. Rides every wave as far as it can possibly take a person. Not sure if Adriano’s ever kicked out of a wave in his life. He’s guaranteed to drop multiple 8+ rides in every heat. Adriano is beatable, but only if his opposition goes completely ape shit and has a little luck too.

Gabriel Medina
Probably one of the most selfish humans to ever enter ocean waters on a surfboard. Watching Medina boss his way through a crowded lineup makes me want to vomit. Every wave belongs to him apparently, but I will admit he puts on a freak show on the lefts. I hope Gabs loses, but what I’ve seen the past few days tells me he’s in for a big result to turns his heinous 2013 season around.

Kolohe Andino
Growing up surfing this wave too much can actually hurt your surfing because it’s so damn easy and forgiving. That is not the case for Brother. He’s been traveling to the best breaks in the world since he learned to walk and surfs this wave to perfection. The only question mark here is: can he avoid a mental tailspin? I’ve seen Kolohe put too much pressure on himself because it means so much to do well at home. As long as no one pulls a hail mary against him (or a rodeo), expect a solid result.

Miguel Pupo
The guy has been flying under the radar but after watching his freesurf sessions, I’m sold. Good price and primed to show out like the year he won the golden spike.

Pat Gudauskas
Small conditions favor Pat out here. He surfs it all the time and brings so much energy to even the slowest of freesurfs. The Gudang’s give it hell with positivity and don’t back down to anyone. My YOLO pick of the event, all based on passion. Go Patty G!

Dane Reynolds
Apparently he’s slowed down on the beer consumption and even did a bit of training (Dane training? WTF?). Now if there’s something I know about, it’s drinking beer and being overweight. When you slim down even just a little, it makes a huge difference in surfing ability and confidence. Dane already won the biggest heat of his life in an online poll against the gaudy South Carolinian, Cam Richards. Now can he keep his roll going with that broken wing? I’m not too sure, but for that price tag, it’s a chance everyone must take.

Who not to pick:

Taj Burrow
Taj simply hasn’t been surfing good out there this week. I can’t put a finger on why. Mayhems not working? That sounds unlikely. Getting burned by Jay Adams on multiple waves? Maybe part of the problem. Looked like he found a little form today, but this ain’t the Taj of old. I’d stay away.

Damien Hobgood
Hate to say it but this has never been a great event for Damo. His style is way more suited for waves with power and steeper sections. I will happily be wrong on this prediction.

Nat Young
Not looking as spicy as I expected. Would pick his backhand out there any day with bigger swell but in the small stuff I just don’t see it working out. Might be a bad batch of boards. Tail was looking pretty sticky. Again, hope I’m wrong but if he loses out the rest of the year, he’s still done pretty damn well.

Note: Since this was written, Nat reverted back to a board that worked and went ballistic in the evening freesurf. I can no longer doubt his success in this contest. He was stamping rights to oblivion out there. Another note and cause for concern, Slater looked borderline terrible.

Kieren Perrow
Maybe he impressed his buddies on tour with that double grab in Bali, but not me. If you’re reading this, you probably know my opinion of DGs.

I’ll admit, it was a good air… for Kieren Perrow. But that’s kind of a backhanded compliment. Like saying “That was a good barrel… for a girl.” In waves that don’t barrel, I don’t pick Kieren.

Mitch Crews, Ian Crane, or any other wildcard not named Dane Reynolds
Good luck to these fellas, but in comparison to the top seeds who they’ll be matched against, slim to no chance at success. Be happy with uncrowded Lowers for two heats, your own locker, a free iPad and $8,000 in the bank. No shame in that.

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  • Mik

    It’s not polite to criticize someone in public, but i have no other option:

    Taj undermines his genius with the Aussie penchant for alcohol (beyah).

    Every drink =’s one mental mistake at some point following consumption. It disconnects mind from reality, or clarity, to some large or small degree, even the next day or so… And the difference between Kelly and the rest of the WCT is my case in point: 11 World Titles garnished by a mind that is “in the moment” like no one else on Tour.

    Add in Kelly’s evenness via Yoga, diet, etc., and well, look at him.

    No pot belly, no thick neck, no typical signs of aging. Instead improving.

    Surfing, IMHO, is a path, and Kelly is on it.

    If Taj alters his lifestyle, it’s not too late. Not too late to get a good FireWire under his feet either. Because the buoyancy adds snap to turns like nothing else, and also he wouldn’t have broken the tail off his board in a must win heat.

    Humbly offered observations.

  • ccru

    Thanks for the insight, Jimmy. Good to know who’s looking good and who’s not during the freesurf sessions. Why doesn’t anyone else tapping into this? Surf comp fans go crazy for some insider dialogue pre-contest.

  • Merk

    I love these. Please bring on the Medina jokes. For people who cant see him the way you can, we want a reason to hate him as well. You offer perfect little windows into pro surfing life that we dont have. So thank you. I also appreciate the slater/NY updates. Those are sweet too. Thing is, I feel like your picks never do well. But anyways… keep this up it’s the best section on this website

  • JaimeA

    Strange approach to surfing. I miss JJF or JW.

  • Brian

    Have seen multiple references to Taj’s equipment problems and lifestyle choices holding him back from a title. Clearly he doesn’t want it badly enough to make the sacrifices needed, which is his choice I suppose – just a bit sad though, would love to have seen him do it, but too late now by the looks of it.
    These are always nice reads, getting better every time, especially like the “VIP pass” insider scoop on the freesurfs.

  • tony (ty) carson big island

    Should’t this be called the Nike lowers pro. Hurley is owned by Nike, and every dollar from Hurley goes directly into Nike’s pocket. Nike is the Man, The Establishment, Corporate America. Nike is the same company your parents and corporate America buy their jogging shoes and sweat pants from. How rebellious is that? Seems like a good time for a Hurley, oops, I mean Nike boycott, Nike Don’t Surf.

  • JB

    Seeing I’ve beat you in every event…I believe I should be writing this article. :)

  • jay z

    mom make you touch her tits?

  • Dirt

    @ Mik
    But it tastes so good when it hits your lips!

  • yep

    @tony you’ve been hiding under an island sized rock lately…

  • tony (ty) carson big island

    Come on dudes, where’s the outrage? Nike, your mom’s and dad’s mainstream track and field shoe company. How core is that? Whats happened to the hardcore surf pack, is it all a bunch of newbie yuppies now,that are used to wearing nike? Have you guys all been brainwashed by the surf industry and the surf mags. I’m sure the surf mags love Nike’s,(Hurley’s), ad. dollars. There not going to bite the hand that helps feed them. Hurley is Nike in disguise, and NIKE DON’T SURF. Still seems like a good time for a Hurley, (Nike), boycott. Peace…

  • Matt O’Brien

    where did my comment go surfing? what gives?

  • SurfingKook

    Just watching Round 1 of the Hurley Pro. The ASP is a joke! First, their webcast has been having issues all morning. You’d think they would test the webcast throughout the week. The camera crew tends to always switch to a crowd view when a wave is being ridden. The judging continues to amaze with terrible calls. How did Brett Simpsons 2-move wave with a half-ass snap into a fin release 360 spin score a mid 8 point score? Seems like his Hurley sponsors hooked him up with that score? I love surfing but whoever runs these contests make it hard to watch. Bad judging. Bad camera work with a webcast that doesn’t work right. Maybe it’s time for a BIG change. I wish I could run the contests.

  • tony (ty) carson big island

    Matt, you better ask Brendan what happened to your comment, seems like he’s had kind of a Big Brother complex lately,(Big Brother is watching you).

  • Richard Hardy

    When did they erect the judges tents?

  • mahalo2u2

    Seemed like everyone in the comp was in town a few days prior to the event, which had much better waves over Friday and Saturday han today. Anyone know if the contest director can meet with surfers rep to move the waiting period dates around? The next couple days could be hard to watch.

  • A.M.

    Does Jimmicane even surf? (If you do…I apologize…but could you please post a pic of yourself doing a proper turn or barrel or something credible so you don’t come across soo kooky). Seems like he should be an NFL photographer and work for Football-ING magazine. We get it…you love the Jacksonville Jaguars…but who gives a shit. I miss the Nick Carrols and Evan Slaters and Skip Sneads of back when editors surfed and I could relate to their writings and stories and even interests for that matter. Football sucks. Oh, and while I’m at it…what about Joe Turpel? Does that guy surf? If so, what are his credentials? He just seems like a younger version of Dave Stanfield…who…apparently doesn’t really surf either.

  • Rick Dickert

    Tony Ty Carson big island = Chas Smith Troll?

    Got’s to be yo.

  • Jack-O

    i don’t think JC surfs… he is paid to talk good stuff about the Cali boys and that’s it.

  • Mik


    ur on a roll eh?

    ….. we’ll see if it lasts.

    (is it just me or was Miguel Pupo underscored both Heat 1 and 2?)

  • nope

    fail. Taj won.

  • Jimmicane

    Well, these did not do so great in the end but Passion Picks might’ve had something to do with it. I didn’t realize until this contest that many of the surfers on tour read these and a few of them aren’t too happy about it. Taj wasn’t happy about it and it might’ve pushed him that extra bit to go off and smoke everyone. I hope it did. Taj is one of my all time favorites and I’m stoked to see him win. I stand by what I said still. He was off during the freesurfs leading up to this contest. Anyone who watched them would agree.

    I should’ve left Jordy on instead of picking Kelly but I believe in Kelly so much, couldn’t leave him off. I would bet on Kelly winning France. He’s gonna be so pissed.

    Mick was, like I expected, in great form and took the ratings lead like I thought he might.

    Adriano did his thing. Automatic.

    Medina lost to CJ and cried. At least he tweeted to CJ to congratulate him. Maybe Gabs is turning a corner in life? Losing can humble.

    Kolohe, well he met up with Taj but was clearly surfing well.

    Pupo was on fire too, just met the wrong matches (Julian rnd 1, Freddy P rnd 2). Surprised he didn’t do better.

    Patty G, hell yes! Love this guy. So stoked for him.

    And of course Reynolds, not a very good effort. An hour in the lineup at Lowers and only got one wave barley over a 5? I know the waves sucked but that was pretty surprising.

  • Binnsie

    Is Taj allowed a beer now Mik?

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Did anyone notice how large/fat Dane Reynolds has become?! Jimmicane were you shocked by his new SIZE? The fearless leader of the free surf world has become a fat ass. I didn’t think it would happen to him this soon. What is awesome about this is that Jimmicane is man enough to post his thoughts after the contest and after some of these pathetic posts. Props on that as you don’t run away when you get your ass handed to you with your picks like Shea Lopez does. More heats were lost to Mother Nature not offering waves than anything else at Lowers. As for the Nike/Hurley boycott get over it. Would you rather NOT see a contest at Lowers? How about you just don’t purchase any Hurley product Tony? Hurley or Nike paid for the contest at Lowers and for that I would say thank you for letting us see the best surfers in the world. What brand are you going to buy? Da Hui………………………………..

  • tony (ty) carson big island

    Hey Kaipo, good one, kind of. But if there was never another surf contest, life would go on as normal, for the vast majority of surfers. I have never bought a hurley product. And about 10 years ago, after seeing the continuing exploitation of the lifestyle, I actually took all my surf tees,(quickdollars, rip cur, ect.), poured some gas on them and burnt them, (true story), and never looked back. And as far as the da hui, Eddie Rotham and friends, are probably cashing in, selling tees to a bunch of “clueless Haoles”. Leave da hui- to the -da hui. Still think it would be a good time for a Hurley (nike) boycott. Peace…

  • Yoda

    Taj looks so much better on the Mayhem’s than he did on the Firewires.

  • jay z

    the last guy that touched moms tits got sent off to Guantanamo bay

  • Lisa

    ha-ha-ha you really make me laugh in particular when you wrote about Medina, he’s so talent and has the domain of the waves, your selfish way is because he knows how to do the job, Medina is a great surfer, like the others, and you should really admit that praising them beyond the critiques. THX