Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: Rip Curl Pro Portugal

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Jimmicane's picks Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Like any beachbreak, this shit is tough to predict. However, it looks like the swell will not be bombing for the event and that heavily plays into the ripping factor, so I have rippers on my team.

Mick Fanning
Let’s face it, this is a two man race for the title. Kelly and Mick. Mathematically, Parko, Jordy and Taj are still in the hunt for the 2013 World Title but mathematically, the Jags are still in the hunt for the Playoffs this year. We all know none of those things are realistic.

The budget only allows for one of these guys on the roster. I’ve rode with Kelly all year but the judges are jerking Mick off big time and although opinions might vary on that France final, you’d have to admit Mick is in top form. I don’t doubt Kelly will get a result here, or even win the damn thing, but for one reason or another he doesn’t seem as dangerous recently. He had a shocker in this contest last year, too. The ocean wildcard can play a factor in Portugal, and that goes for anyone.

Julian Wilson
Got his first win on tour a year ago. I can’t think of any possible conditions in Portugal that wouldn’t favor Julian. He looks solid as a rock on his boards. Maybe the best backside on tour too. You can’t beat this guy’s backside finners right now.

Gabriel Medina
He’s been on fire ever since I throat jabbed him. Freak Boy is back! I expect his roll to continue in Peniche and you know he wants to redeem himself after last year’s embarrassment where his dad threw chairs and he cried on stage.

Filipe Toledo
Freak Boy 2.0. He’s not as well rounded as Medina but he’s every bit as good in the air, and I would say better. If it turns into backside tubes, this pick is doomed (did you see him in Tahiti? Eww.), but if there are air sections, it’s a no brainer.

Kolohe Andino
He’s starting to lose that grommy look and surf more like a man, but is fit and flexible enough to adjust his body for any section Peniche throws in front of him. I think his confidence has grown ten-fold this year and he believes he can win heats. So do I.

Pat Gudauskas
I told you we were gonna Gudangbang Europe and that forecast stands strong! At Pat’s pricetag, all he has to do is make a heat or two and he did well for the team. He has not let me down in the past two events. Keep it rolling Patty G!

Fredirco Morais
I don’t know anything about this kid but I’m out of budget. Can’t do any worse than Dane Reynolds the past two events as a wildcard. Plus he’s the highest seeded of the 3 wildcards so won’t match up against Mick or Kelly in Round 2. Parko almost lost to Marc Lacomare so he’s certainly vulnerable right now. Not expecting much out of Fredrico here though. YOLO.

Risky Picks:
Brett Simpson
Congrats to Brett on his newborn baby Paigelynn Jean Simpson! He will be landing the morning of the event so it could go two ways here. Either he’s jet lagged and mentally drained from the birth of his first child, loses, and goes back home ASAP. Or he harnesses this newfound father strength and the motivation to provide for his baby turbo-boosts him into a huge result. I can’t decide which I think will happen but let’s hope for the latter.

Kai Otton
You’d have to wonder when the dream run ends for Ottz. He’s surfed great this season and is clearly the overachiever of the year but it’s hard to imagine that he keeps the roll going in Portugal. Kai is rated 10th on tour, above surfers like John John, Nat, and Medina who all have twice his talent. The dream run hits a speed bump in Peniche, or he might just be so in the zone that he keeps pushing into the final series. I won’t be spending 27mil on him though. No way.

Jeremy Flores
A very quiet year with no result higher than 9th despite some amazing antics in Tahiti. Last year he made the Quarters here. Can Jeremy finally break through in this event?

Matt Wilkinson
Wilko is outside the bubble for the 2014 WCT. So far in 2013, he’s found one keeper with a 5th at Snapper. If he does end up finding a result to sneak back on tour like he did in Santa Cruz last year, it’s more likely to happen here than it is at Pipe. What wetsuit will he have for us?

Injury List:

Still no Dusty Payne. I got an update from his brother Dylan today. He thought Dusty might be back for this event but doesn’t feel quite ready to compete at the highest level. Right now he’s gung-ho about being 100% for the Hawaiian season. The first competitive action for Dusty might be directly after Peniche at the Cascais Billabong Pro Prime, which is also in Portugal. I would bet on a full strength Payne for a cheap price come Pipeline.

Tiago Pires and his fan base must be shattered not able to surf his home event but he is still dealing with a knee.

Glen Hall and Owen Wright are out indefinitely. Gonna be an interesting battle for the two injury wild card slots this year.

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  • SurfingKook

    Watch the judges give Mick a 10 for paddling out.

  • mike

    great break, roll on kelly..aloha

  • Billy Shaw

    Great comment @surfkook.. you hit the nail on the head.. Only Im betting they lowball Mick and Kellys scores to make it more interesting in Hawaii

  • Mik

    Technically, Kai Otton is one of the best goofy foots on Tour, save the lack of emphasis on air game — which admittedly is an Achilles Heel that he is working hard to change.

    Beyond that, Kai is very creative, is amazingly quick and precise in his vertical game, and he’s a great tube rider. He started out as a rookie as #12, so this move to the top 10 isn’t a fluke.

    In fact that blow-tail / nose pick that should have eliminated Parko in France shows that he is expanding his range. If Dane had done that, or Kelly, the big score would have dropped… And it will in the future, because Kai is one of the more complete stylists on Tour. He just needs to be scored the same way as the other upper tier.

    But I’m biased. When I think of a WCT surfer I wish I surfed like, it is Ottz.

  • Are you kidding

    Your job is to cover surfing and you feel ok publishing “the judges are jerking mick off” and you ok admitting you know nothing about Frederico (you didn’t get his name right) Morais. And to say Kai otten is overachieving is rediculous, although you are in the majority. He is one of the most solid, well rounded surfers on tour. Hence he was able to go semis, quarters, quarters at teahupoo, trestles, and France, three drastically different breaks. I get it you are trying to be funny and interesting to read but it makes the magazine look bad.

  • Matt S.

    Alright damn it, I’ll admit I’ve been looking forward to Jimmicane’s picks/comments. You’re in my head you bastard. So I’m a Kai Otton fan because he rips and… he’s an underdog fellas, ladies, come on. He seems to be punching above his weight but hey I hope I’m wrong cause I love watching this guy win. Good Luck Kai!

  • BC

    Jimicane strikes again! Love it! To the guy going by “are you kidding me”… Are YOU kidding me? This is good stuff and refreshing. Maybe Nick Carols thoughts on the event over at Surfline (yaaaaaawn) would better suit your taste for journalism. I bet you agreed with the ASP giving Snake and Dooma the boot from the commentary booth over that beer bet joke. You did, didn’t you? No one likes a prude my man, no one.

  • Mik


    Jimmicaine makes SURFING mag look rad

    and in fact it is the best mag concept out there, in USA, hands down.

  • jimifucker

    jimi – thanks for your picks, we’re thinking on the same level. what i want to know is how the hell are you keeping your job? the bets were off by the time you launched your piece. step it up poof! we need this info sooner, point are on the table!

  • Are you kidding

    @BC I thought those guys were hilarious. My distaste for this article comes from the fact that he is covering surfing and is willing to admit that he does not know a surfer that competes regularly on the QS, has had various web clips on this very site, and competed in the world juniors this past year. Rather than saying “I don’t know anything about this kid but I’m out of budget. Can’t do any worse than Dane Reynolds the past two events” why not let the public know who this kid is because I guarantee he will be on tour in a few years. Try to be funny as much as you want, thats fine, just do your job.

  • Jimmicane

    I’m sorry this was a little late to be posted but I was storm chasing a ghost in Florida and didn’t have time to do my research on Frederico. Just looked him up and damn, I’m impressed. Guy is a beast!

    I also got it wrong here because I said he wouldn’t match up with Fanning or Slater being the highest of the three wildcards. That changed when Jacob Wilcox won his heat. Fredrico is against Kelly in Round 2. Should be interesting. Wouldn’t surprise me if he took Slater down. Guy kills it.

  • Are you kidding

    Thanks! That’s all I wanted.

  • Brah Chell

    You left out your thoughts or a breakdown on picking JJ?

    Is that because its implied that he is the best.

  • Spaulding

    Jimmicane Passion Picks, funniest, most entertaining and honest shit in surf journalism.
    Or pretty much like Jimmy himself.
    Keep slinging it JayDub, hopefully just don’t lose your job over it ….