July Issue Wallpaper

posted by / Art, Blogs, Photo / June 4, 2010

A few choice images from SURFING’s treasured photo team, to set your desktop ablaze.

yadinnicol-struntzYadin Nicol. PHOTO: Struntz

wade goodall careyWade Goodall. PHOTO: Carey

Mitch Coleborn. PHOTO: CareyMitch Coleborn. PHOTO: Carey

Mike Losness. PHOTO: StruntzMike Losness. PHOTO: Struntz

Dylan Graves. PHOTO: StruntzDylan Graves. PHOTO: Struntz

Dylan Graves. PHOTO: JimmicaneDylan Graves. PHOTO: Jimmicane

Brian Toth. PHOTO: StruntzBrian Toth. PHOTO: Struntz

Brian Toth. PHOTO: StruntzBrian Toth. PHOTO: Struntz

Ben Bourgeois. PHOTO: MillerBen Bourgeois. PHOTO: Miller

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  • adam

    can you add the pic of dorian at chopes please?

  • Jarrod Bradley

    Thx 4 the sick wallpaper!!!
    My personal favorite is the photo of Ben Bourgeois by Miller

  • gnarly

    fuckn gnarly….can’t wait to get into a tube and rip the same..

  • The Man

    YA that Dorian one is by far a desktop for my office computer, please !!!

    does anyone know if that photo is for purchase ?

  • vicky

    love these picts

  • Jason Miller

    August Issue Wallpaper coming this Thursday.

  • Carlo Canepa

    Dorian´s monster tube at Teahupoo is a MUST !!!

  • Ron Jeremy

    look how rad brian toths board is in the second to last pic

  • Sally

    Awesome photos!!

    Can we get the authority for using surf photo named Miller on our products?
    How many pixels of photo miller? We need to extend the photo size and fit our product in 68″ x68″ with 300dpi at least for production.
    How much the cost to have the authority?

    Thank you.