June Issue Wallpaper 2010

posted by / Blogs, Photo / April 18, 2010

Dylan Graves. Photo: JimmicaneDylan Graves. Photo: Jimmicane.

Josh Mulcoy. Photo: Lawrence.Josh Mulcoy. Photo: Lawrence.

Kolohe Andino. Photo: Taras.Kolohe Andino. Photo: Taras.

Gabriel Villaran. Photo: Russo.Gabriel Villaran.  Photo: Russo.

Western Sahara. Photo: Flindt.Western Sahara. Photo: Flindt.

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  • Yomomma

    First picture, where was this shot?

  • http://surfingmagazine.com scornuelle

    @ Yomomma: The July issue of SURFING reveals as much as we know about the location. Also useful in finding it would be Google Earth, a lucky rabbit foot and a Caribbean treasure map.

  • bryana

    amazing, beautifull

  • Yeah

    stop faking morocco for ‘western sahara’. those pics are morocco.

  • Jax_is_always_flat

    (in reference to the first picture) After you ran that article I spent a good long time on google earth for days and weeks trying to find out where the carribean jewel was. And I am happy to say that I have finally figured out where it is… Hint to find it, (1) go back to the article and look at the shot of the harbor they ran… its not where it is but is is a good launching point for your search, i imagine they ran it as a diversion… then (2) look for any island with a good window for a big NorEaster swell (3) find the one island with the ridiculously perfect point set up along its southwest coast (4)gamble a crap load of money seeing how the island is almost entirely super rich all inclusive resorts and really really hard to get to. (5) if you time it just right you will be seeing those waves with the same guys from the article who are probably on it every time that its that good and they just are not talking about it.

  • Androo

    @jax- dude you should be on national treasure. props ha