Kelly Slater & Angus Stone // Here & Now Soundtrack // 7:01

posted by / Blogs / December 25, 2012

This full original score is available at http://hereandnowsoundtrack.bandcamp­.com/album/here-now-the-origin­al-score

It’s just $5 and all proceeds go toward Surfers for Cetaceans

Here & Now
Produced by Taylor Steele
Directed by Nathan Myers
Original Score produced by MT WARNING

Kelly Slater and Angus Stone
Kelly Slater and Angus Stone

Songs by:
-Kelly Slater & Angus Stone
-Andy Six String
-Ozzy Wrong & Mylee Grace
-Dave Rastovich & MT WARNING
-The Mid-City Arcade
…and more

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  • Steve

    That Kelly/Angus Stone song is really good. Almost made me wanna dust off my The Surfers album. Almost.

    Keep recording Kelly.

  • Sliding Sense

    I need Sherm photos to make this feel real. Oh wait, Sherm’s swimming at Pipe. Not.

  • Jason Abrams

    Best Ozzy song ever on that soundtrack.

  • Little Todd

    whys sliding sense-guys all jelly of big perm?