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LOTW runs for seven days, with the week’s most brilliant submissions picked and posted every Monday on surfingmagazine.com. There are two ways to write in: send an email to surfing@sorc.com, or use the Write a Letter tab on our Facebook page.


This week’s LOTW is Dutch in origin. Apparently, so are a large number of our Twitter followers. Awesome. The author prefaced his letter by writing, “In advance I would like to apologize for possibly using some wrong grammar or spelling in my Letter Of The Week. I’m from Holland and still working on it!” Awesome.

Homespot: Youtube

“What’s your home spot?” asked the surf dude I’m talking to. “YouTube…” I answered. I caught some gnarly waves in Indonesia, South Africa, California, Morocco…all while sitting on my chair at home.

But tomorrow is the big day! My first day on a surfboard. The wave forecast isn’t very positive. It appears to be flat. I don’t know whether this is going to be a problem for me or not. Let’s start easy. Let’s protect myself from being a barney.

I left the newest O’Neill Hyperfreak boardshorts hanging there when I went to the surf shop in Amsterdam. Instead, I bought a cheap short, coolness factor minus 0. No brand. No name. Just a white short with nothing on it. Perfectly white for a surf-virgin like me. I’m about to paint my short in all colors of the rainbow. Starting with a bit of red tomorrow. The red of blood I will see in my eyes, frustrated for not being able to stand up on these tiny waves. But in my dreams, I see myself end up painting my short with the brightest blue I can get. Blue of the beautiful water at Hawaii, surfing the most beautiful waves of the world. But it will take many more sessions after that first one tomorrow, to leave my home spot: YouTube.

Wish me luck,



Thanks, LC. Globe is rewarding your letter — which reminds us how truly Globe-al surfing has become — with a massive clothing/footwear prize pack. You don’t have to paint the clothes, but f—k, you’re Dutch. You can do anything you want.

Next week’s LOTW gets Christmas in July courtesy of the RVCA warehouse — so start typing, and thanks to everyone who’s been writing us letters.

This week's LOTW prize — mahalo to RVCA.

This week's LOTW prize — mahalo to RVCA.

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  • Matt McDowell

    Being an east coaster is not easy. Surfing in jersey, school in north carolina, we get stoked over any slight bump in the forecast. Unlike California, who anticipates waves everyday, i prepare for flatness. While i have surfed many hot-spots on the east coast, disregarding select hurricane swells, i am yet to see waves like i have seen on surfline. Complaining? No. Dreaming? Yes. I’m always dreaming of living in an ideal surf spot. Everybody is. But this is on my mind everyday — while i cut lawns with my dad, i think about perfect waves somewhere else. While i bus tables at the restaurant at night, i think about surfing somewhere awesome. What it comes down to is, i am grateful for the atlantic ocean and for the joy it as brought to me. I want people in california, hawai’i, mexico, puerto rico, costa rica, bla bla bla, to truly APPRECIATE the opportunity you have. I envy you. I will continue to read about you. Once i graduate college, i’ll finally meet you. Until then, i’ll settle with the most fun mediocrity i can find.

  • al-bot

    why’d you have to call him buttf-k?

  • Mik

    I have been to the Dutch coast near Warmond, in the dead of winter. At 1 ft., the waves were peeling perfectly on the sandbars… All it needed was a swell! So hang in there LC. Get your paddling time in and when it arrives, you’ll be ready. In the meantime, Amsterdam is like the North Shore of the best of the European culture: rad people, architecture, art, landscapes, Venice-like canals, and food—so there are likely many other ways to surf (or skate) while you’re waiting. Cool letter dude. You are already a surfer.

  • Tim Hartfield

    what do our letters need to be about? Is there a topic or questions?