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LOTW runs for seven days, with the week’s most brilliant submissions picked and posted every Monday on surfingmagazine.com. There are two ways to write in: send an email to surfing@sorc.com, or use the Write a Letter tab on our Facebook page.

In last week’s LOTW, we asked for a surfing reality show concept and got some gems, including:

  • Fit Bruce Irons with a microphone and just play the recording over a white screen
  • Send Kelly on a mission to regrow his hair by trying every available technology
  • A season of The Ultimate Fighter with Bra Boys vs. Wolfpak

Ultimately, we had to pick just one Letter of the Week to be rewarded with our Nike 6.0 prize pack. It reveals the seedy underbelly of amateur surf competition:

“Just Like High School”

Forget pros, male or female. The gold mine? Amateur ranks where parents are involved. You start with heavily involved parents like Dino Andino and the entourage that surrounds Kolohe, mix in the other pushy ones, and you get them talking about whose kid gets what from which sponsor. Take the jealousy and bitterness borne from that, and you’ve got the kind of drama audiences would care about. The petty rivalries that go on in that setting are far more raw because the players aren’t as guarded as the seasoned pros.

The whole little league/soccer mom mentality that exists in the amateur ranks would not have to be fabricated. Regular topics on the beach of most amateur events include competitors, their siblings and parents, team managers, and various hangers-on going off about bad judging, greedy event organizers, competitors who don’t get shit from sponsors but should get a lot and those who get too much. Add in the romances and trysts that go on among male and female competitors and their parents — some illicit — and you’ve got what you need.

The setting: NSSA Southwest Open events and Surfing America contests, with Nationals and the USA Championships as season-enders. Sign me up. I’d love to retire on the millions I’d make writing the shows.

— Concerned Dad

This coming week, we’re not issuing a topic. Write about anything — but please do write, because otherwise we won’t be able to send you this delightful prize pack from the fine folks at Globe:


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  • joe

    be the first to tag this wall. give it up already, surfing is not cool anymore, and neither is this magazine

  • Concerned Dad

    LOL. This guy is so right. There are such Douche bag Dad’s down there sometimes. These guys think there kids deserve the world to hand them everything. Don’t get me wrong there are some good parents who are teaching there kids to work hard, be respectful, etc, but holy shit their are some Royal Douche bags who are absolutely destroying there children’s potential and sponsorship opportunities. Note to the Douceh Bags. . . Your kids aren’t Pro yet, most “good” amateurs never make it to the real show, take what you are given for a time with respect, and if you aren’t given what you think your kids deserve that WAKE UP they probably don’t deserve it or your being to much of an asshole for anyone to want to support them. Treat the industry and other parents with care. If you start burning to many bridges by being such a douche bag you will burn all your child’s opportunities with it. Mellow the F#@& out and let your kids enjoy the sport.

  • joe Hawksby

    Layne Beachley is hot