Milosky Mettle Contender: Aaron Gold

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Aaron Gold


Milosky Mettle

The North Shore’s Aaron Gold is an endangered species of wave rider: the competitor/surfer/shaper. Up in Pupukea hills, under the Gold Surfboard label, he builds guns for big-surf hunting. The 29-year-old regular foot­— originally from the Big Island— has been shaping since he was 12. And whenever his favorite North Shore outer reef is firing, Gold opts for his trusty, self-shaped 10’2” or 9’6.”

Thruster inventor Simon Anderson was the last competitor/surfer/shaper on tour, and Gold hopes to be the next on the Big Wave World Tour in 2012. But he isn’t chasing the Big Wave Tour championship, but rather, he sees the contests as a necessary first step to achieving a lifelong goal: an invitation to the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational. His gromhood dream is to win The Eddie, like his hero and fellow Hilo boy Noah Johnson.

Like Noah and Sion, Gold is a humble, underground big-wave surfer with a blue collar. He works as a manager and caretaker for a 30-acre property in Pupukea, where he lives with wife/model/wedding photographer, Corinne, and their 9-month-old daughter, Avaleah. She was born earlier this year and is the couple’s first child. But having a family hasn’t hindered Gold’s charging— it’s actually made him value surfing, people and time a lot more than before. —Daniel Ikaika Ito


Aaron Gold:

Sion was totally underground, as we all know, and living like him is to go out every time and catch the biggest waves. The guy was unbelievably talented at what he did and he had this persona about him: the waves would come to the guy.

I know for a fact that every morning Sion would take his two daughters to school. To me, that’s big because I’m a family man now, I got a kid, and I know how important it is. They’re the next generation. The waves could be firing and he’d still be doing it. You gotta prioritize those things. Surfing is surfing, we all revolve around surfing, but you gotta remember where you came from and in Hawaii it’s family.

Having a baby has been unreal. The feeling is indescribable — better than catching any big wave. I feel that [Evaleah’s birth] has given me a lot more motivation for my surfing and the goals that I’ve set. I really had to sit down and prioritize because I have the family. I’m excited for what’s coming up.

It’s a pretty gratifying feeling to ride your own board [that you shaped] and it works well. I also get to take it back and refine it because I know how it worked. Most guys have surfer-shaper relationship in that sense I get to be both. When you pack a big wave on a board you made you’re stoked, and when guys give you feedback that your boards are working good it gives you the same feeling as when you ride a good wave.

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  • Mike Neal

    Aarons commitment at Peahi this week was off da hook!

  • Ken

    Super-heavy charger, with a heart of “Gold”

  • Tammy Moniz

    I have never met Zion but for all that I have heard of the man, it was more than surfing. It was more than what he did. It was more… WHO he was. And I would have to say that is what describes Aaron. Aaron has been a part of our lives since he was 13 years old. He was the older “brother” to my 5 children who, at the time were 5, 4, 3, 1, and just born. It makes me tear up thinking how blessed we were to have him in our lives and help me in anyway I needed. He was 13, but SUPER responsible and nurturing. Not to any surprise was he going to be an incredible father to his child. It is such a beautiful thing.
    We really didn’t know that Aaron charged, because he never bragged about it. And one day when my husband, Tony, surfed with him at Waimea, he came back and said, “That Aaron just had to sit deeper than me.” ha. As we can all see… Aaron charges. But you would never know it.
    When I saw the description of what he did as “shaper”, the first thing I thought was, “That is only one thing. That doesn’t even describe what he does.” And I am right because Aaron is a shaper, a builder, a handy man. He can make fins out of wood, shape, glass, color a board, he rebuilt his house and mine, he build his shaping room with $300, he can fix his car, fish, hunt, and do just about ANYTHING. I remember when 2000 came and people were freaking out because the world system was going to crash, I was totally secure because Aaron would be there to take care of my whole family! This is a beautiful award to honor someone with and hearing about Zion only makes me wish I knew him too.