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SURFING writer Chas Smith spent time among the Fletchers for his and Josh Winter’s story in The New York Times Style Magazine, which appears in today’s Sunday edition, on doorsteps and in those little newspaper racks by the door at Starbucks and everywhere else the national paper of record gets delivered.

But it’s also right here. And we were psyched on this video the Times made at the Astrodeck factory to go along with Chas’s story. We’d like to embed the video here, but those cagey Times folk don’t allow it. Sorries. —SURFING

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  • rad j

    that was some good shit.

  • Dave O’Neill

    Cool story, but isn’t Nathan Fletcher part of that family, too?

  • dgb

    ASP sucked back then and they still suck now. They didn’t underscore ininnovative surfing; they just ignored it. Now they over score it with such gusto that if you’re behind in a heat, you just spend 10 minutes trying for a one maneuver fluke and if you get lucky you win the semi and make the final of, say…the Quiky pro in New York.

    Every pro making cash from airs should be sending Christian $10 for every air published or run in a sponsors video.

  • Wyatt

    Curious how – when writing for a publication that might further his career/fatten his wallet – Mr.Smith suddenly reverts to traditional structures and the old skool, investigative journalism he has so openly scorned at this very site (We don’t need the dirt on Andy but by all means, press Christian for the gory details of his rap sheet).

    Understandable I suppose – you don’t figure this demo would cross paths with that (even with this plug/link at Ing) – but nonetheless a sorry case for Chas as rebel scribe.

  • chris

    chad maybe you aren’t so big headed after all. You only talked about yourself once or twice in that piece. And I actually liked it. despite the forced attempts at showing your vocabulary. I think Christian is wise to be a little suspicious of you. Seriously though. I liked it. keep it up. one of the better articles i have read about surfing/surf culture in a long time, perhaps years.

  • red gecko

    The hypocrisy of showing the drug side of Christian and hiding Andy’s negative behaviors is troubling. Pick a side of the fence. And talk to Nathan next time, he will fill you in.

  • dgb

    Anyone else interested in seeing the mentioned blacklist letter and in particular who signed it? There’s a story for you, Chas. It’ll be interesting to see who is on the wrong side of history.

  • Declin

    The other guy with the byline probably wrote that piece.

  • Rupert Murdoch

    Apparently Chas has been sandbagging us all these months. The guy can actually write. Chas, please let this be the beginning of something beautiful. I can’t bear to read another column about your hot lady, cool clothes and fancy hotels.

  • Kevin

    That sucks they wouldn’t let you embed the video. It was a raging pain the ass to click on those highlighted words and be instantly zoomed to the clip in question. I mean, WOW, the NYT really hosed you guys on that one. I met most people won’t even bother dragging their cursors all the way over to that hyperlink and dealing with the whole, “click the mouse” fiasco to access that video. And you know what? Next time, neither will I!

  • AirReal

    Cool stuff. I like Christian a lot & I’m sure his son is just as cool of a dude as he is. But how could you write an article about the Fletcher Family & not even mention the only Fletcher who is still currently surfing as a professional – NATHAN! Did you see some of the waves he caught in Fiji (Tavi) recently when him & Bruce charged that mega-swell. And let’s not forget about some of the BOMBS he was riding a Chopes while the ASP WCT Surfers were watching from the channel. Like I said, I love Christian & what he did for surfing is legendary & he is one of a kind. But it’s seriously a slap in Nathans face when you don’t even mention him in this article. Nathan has done just as much for surfing (if not more) as Christian has. Do you think any of you guys would have a 4 fin quad in your quiver if it wasn’t for Nathan riding/proving/ripping on the quads in Hawaii when NO ONE else even would touch one. He was getting laughed at by a lot of the pros in Hawaii for riding a quad but Nathan is so awesome & so talented that he just let his surfing do the talking. Nathan has helped out so many other (usually underground) surfers by getting them sponsors (pay checks) & getting them boards (quads) to try & by just being the person that he is – A COOL, TALENTED, UNIQUE, REAL PERSON with ZERO EGO & ALL HEART. It’s cool to read about Christian, Grayson, Herbie, & Dibi & they are all awesome people. But why the fuck doesn’t anyone give Nathan the credit he deserves. He will go higher in the air then anyone with his huge creative airs & he will catch the biggest wave that would make all of us shit ourselves. Good article but kinda disrespectful to Nathan. Fletchers Rule!!!!!!

  • shorepound

    AirReal, perhaps he didn’t want to be mentioned in the article? Some people are perfectly happy doing what they do without the world knowing about it…

  • killyridols

    Anytime a story has a “with” byline that means the first writer turned in a load of crap and the second writer rewrote the whole thing…

  • flushing chunks

    its more josh winters writing than chas smith’s
    smith is some kook with tattoos who works at a corporate rag and wears daisy dukes. The guy inserts misc. adjectives and adverbs that add up to run-on hyperbole and pander.

    its good to see the cohesion of the fletcher unit, but no one really cares about them either.

    if you chock it all up, we have one big dung heap

  • huhwhat

    Christian is a righteous skater (and Greyson is a skater with IMPRESSIVE speed and style), but the only thing Christian innovated in surfing happens to be BAD airs, a.k.a. wave hopping. Kevin Reed in California, and, ironically, a current? ASP judge elsewhere, as well as others, were working on hitting-the-lip airs, with the board next to one instead of under one, MANY years before Christian took an industry-whore, wide-stance, board-under-one safety-airs approach, to consistently get pictures. All his fellow pros were asking was for less shortcut-surfing in the magazines, not for anyone – much less any GOOD moves of ANY variety – to be “blacklisted”. No wonder Nathan didn’t get involved in this; no doubt he didn’t want his mother making spurious claims that he brought us the modern 4 fin. He seems to take more after his aunt? Joyce, who was the last (and first) woman before Carissa Moore to be in the same league as the male pros. But of course nary a mention of her, either.

  • wow

    Haters fuckin hate so bad. Get a fuckin life kooks. Good job Chas and Josh its a well written piece on a interesting topic. And haters, go write something and get it published somewhere or anywhere. I don’t think the new york times hands titles out like candy. I’m so sick of net hate.

  • ChasSmithQueer

    Lol at huhwhat. Christian was the first one to do functional airs. Judos, lien, mute, stale, etc. You probably don’t even know that but pretend you do. He didn’t do hops or fly outs. He was doing 360s that even Kelly Slater early on said he was watching Fletcher do. And funny cause you don’t know nathan but think you do. stop talking as if you know shit you hating fag. If Kevin reed or anyone else you claim did as much you say they did for airs, there would be more footage, more photographic proof. christian is what he is. hate him or love him. i don’t think his style is great by any means but give credit where credit is due. and to the kook earlier who wrote no one cares a bout the Fletchers? you obviously do to take the time to write in a comment. so suck it. lol @ righteous skater. Whoa brah, cowabunga! Nathan happened to be out of the country in Fiji when this interview took place so get your fucking facts straight. LOL more after his aunt? Another good one. Just shut up if you don’t know shit. And why do you think things weren’t mentioned? this piece of crap article was written by the biggest fag ever Chas Smith. The guy doesn’t even surf. Chas, we all know you don’t surf.

  • ryan

    great stuff chas. would’ve liked to hear a bit about nathan, but this is classic good chas story telling

  • Wyatt

    @Wow. Dude, you are sooooooo right about net hate. I’m also really sick of the virtual shit-talking.

    Which reminds me, do you happen to have Chas Smith’s phone number or home address? I’d love to call and/or write him a letter to tell him how much he sucks.

  • huhwhat

    So “ChasSmith Queer”, Kelly was “watching Fletcher do” airs? What’s that supposed to mean, that he didn’t cover his eyes? You don’t know who Joyce Hoffman was (and how talented a surfer she was in the mid-sixties compared to Christian in the mid-eighties… which is nothing but “credit where credit is due”). And if you think Kelly wasn’t almost sick of seeing 270 airs being consistently pulled off before he started surfing with Christian, you have no idea who John Holeman was, and are just talking out your butt. And you can flail at my use of “righteous skater”, but that just means he’s always had his head on straight when it comes to skateboarding, and his parents weren’t desperately pimping him, “dude”. And just because things didn’t happen in a county with two surf magazines, doesn’t mean they wasn’t witnessed, logic-boy.

  • red gecko

    I think Chas Smith writes in to defend himself on here and maybe that is even more pathetic.

    what sane creature would defend him? well maybe that dufus paul fisher.

    After reading about 2-4 of his “creative pieces”, you don’t have to be a journalist to figure out that he has little wit and very undeveloped critical thinking skills.

    another drop in the bucket is suppose in the oc
    most of us just want to read interviews and get unbiased feeds, instead were forced to read his “one big moment” that covers a bunch of bottom feeders.

    guess i will keep waiting for the next pile of stink and look at the circus above getting their panties in a bunch over the benthos clan.

  • Yeah Right

    Uh, WoW, you don’t know who Kevin Reed is? You need more photographic evidence? It was the 70’s when it started, and, well, there just weren’t as many of those guys floating around this neck of the woods. They kinda got their ass kicked like everyone else did growing up. Just Barbour. Do some research before you call guys like me “haters” because there is more to the story. I knew Christian back then, and he wasn’t scored low. He was atrocious to watch, that’s why! Innovative, but you can only see someone hop down the line 20 waves in a row without actually pulling a move…that’s all. Great that the sport progressed because of him, but that is a long list. And, besides, Archy was the BEST big move guy of his time!

  • Ronjeremysstache

    Archy did fly outs. He didn’t do manuevers as far as airs go. Great cutback but wasn’t really an air guy. Just got lumped in with CF as far as that goes. Joyce Hoffman is his aunt and multiple world champ. Chas smith supposedly wrote the article. he chose to write and include what he wanted. the reality is, Chas doesn’t know history or info to write anything in depth. Notice how he loves mentioning Bruce Weber and Julian Schnable. So instead of blaming fletcher on the crappy piece blame it on chas. Chas is shit. Always will be. Fletcher did more airs and more styles of airs than anyone. He never said he did the first and if he got a lot of coverage blame it on the photographers and the people who asked for it. Quit your hating quit your whining.