Shipsterns YWG Vol. 1

posted by / Blogs, Photo / April 22, 2010

Shipsterns. Photo: Kelly Slater. YWG Vol. 1Shipsterns. Photo: Kelly Slater. Wallpaper Size 1800 x 1250.

“This was the morning we pulled up at Shipsterns before most guys paddled out. There were one or two guys out the back but it’s cold before the morning sun pops out and everyone is still getting a feel for what to expect. This one snuck by but seems to capture the feel of the place.”

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  • DRod

    I was curious as to how Kelly’s board was working @ Shipsterns. Was he riding a quad or thruster. I was surprised to see him paddling in with one of his newish designs, as Ships is such a heavy wave.

  • scornuelle

    Kelly contacted SURFING with the idea of sharing his photography through a recurring series of posts like this one. We’re glad to have him on-board, and hope you are too. Thanks Kelly.

  • thewebstore

    Nice photo, looks so easy Kelly.
    Looks are deceiving…

  • Pete Hodgson


  • Jeff

    Kelly! Really? You’re a good photographer too? Son of a….

  • Pierre from Paris

    Great idea to have that kind of post from Kelly.
    I like very this picture, it gives me a real feeling about the place.
    Thanks mister Kelly.

  • brotherinlaw

    How did kelly know to contact surfing magazine ? Does kelly date someone from san clemente ?

  • Matt Kurvin

    The guy takes mad shots now too?? DAMN YOU SLA9ER!!!

    Just kidding, sick shot bruddah.


    yeahhhhhh nice shot, is like be there!!!Scary place, scary wave too…great Kelly!!!!

  • jojo

    ah, jeez.
    look, i love kelly as much as all the other fan boys, but some of you might see more clearly were you to remove his saltwater testes from your foreheads.
    sorry to be cynical, boyz, but this photo is just a photo from the boat during a set, and it isn’t evidence of any particular photo talent.
    every single one of you could do the same with a point-and-shoot canon.

  • Pedro

    Dude Kelly’s good at everything…haven’t you learned this by now? If he wants to get into photography he’s undoubtedly going to rule at it. It’s in his nature.

  • Starlight

    Dude… kelly…gosh i didnt know you were THAT good at takin pics.. nice angle. i can see that thats some nice wave comin on