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posted by / Blogs, Editorial / August 6, 2010

The artist and his muse. Dane Reynolds. Photo: Steve Sherman

The artist and his muse. Dane Reynolds. Photo: Steve Sherman


By Travis Ferré

Dane Reynolds sees surfing through a very cracked lens, and yesterday, I took a look through that lens. I made my way into his hotel room about 80 minutes later than I’d said I would, stepped over a not-so-cold 30-pack of Coors Light and settled in for what Dane called “The West Coast Premiere Tour.” In attendance for this West Coast Premiere, and hovering over Dane’s MacBook with us, were John Florence, Kai Neville, Blair Marlin, Darren Crawford, Dusty Payne, Chris Coté and Dane’s girlfriend Courtney, who is lead vocalist and drummer on many songs in the film.

“Is there a bar on this floor? I’m not sure I can watch you guys watch this,” Dane said as we all snapped blue-mountain Coors and prepared to hit play. “It’s not that kind of movie.”

After some coaxing from Courtney, Dane managed to stomach the pressure and settled in for the first-ever screening of Thrills, Spills and Whatnot.

And it begins with a mistake. A fall. Many falls. Choppy edits and sounds. The film is a moving ‘zine, shot about 99.9% on real, actual film. It looks incredible, even with a few not-on-purpose sun flares. It is like nothing the surf world has done before. There are no logos. It’s gritty. And fun. Nothing makes sense, except all of it. Like Joyce’s Ulysses. Or Benjy in The Sound and the Fury. There is no hook. No arc. No final sections, or sections at all. Or titles. And I’m pretty certain you’re all going to hate it.

But what this film will do, and what Dane is doing for surfing — at a time when webcasts are in HD and our precious lifestyle is under siege from logos and energetic liquids and aerial assaults and helicopters and blimps and f—king Target — is he’s done something for the sake of doing it. And from what I can tell, no other reason. And he did it nearly all by himself. Dustin Miller helped film and edit a bit, but this is Dane. And for fans of Dane Reynolds, this is as close to the man as you can get. Don’t believe anything else. Believe this. Dane likes to create things and go surfing. And this is one of those things he’s created and he does some surfin’ in it, but for those of you who are expecting to see innovative, groundbreaking action, you will be disappointed. For those of you who want to see what things look like through Dane’s sandy lenses, well, enjoy. I sure did.

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  • Da New Guy

    Surfing is getting pretty “jocky” and “team oriented” right now…..We need more “randomness”.

  • Da New Guy

    We also need more “quotation marks” in posts…

  • James

    Raw, natural talent cannot be overlooked. Dane has gathered all the hype and is at the top of surfing. Yet, he stays grounded. He is still human, not a machine.
    Can’t wait to see your flick Dane.
    Killer photo Sherm.

  • Gay Ripper

    Dane –

    You need to quit doing stuff like this and move to NYC with Dion and WArren

  • Word

    And to think we have all come to thus point, surfing magazine will be sold to a new group of talented kids.

  • Word

    Nathan Fletcher did this before

  • geebru

    It’s all being done before……Now days it’s just done better !!!!

  • east coast

    Dane is raw.

  • Obvious

    “bringing mediocrity back to surfing” -Marine Layer Productions

    thank god Quiksilver didn’t send him to Indo.

  • Da New Guy

    I like Dane. I really like beer, too.

  • Charles

    Bring back Jerry Lopez style surfing, respect the wave, drop in and get deep, Im tired of skateboard moves,

  • ds

    dane needs to quit it all, hang at Patagonia more, and do this stuff full time. him in board shorts ads are a bummer. ventura!

  • Morgyface

    Sounds perfect. Looking forward to seeing it already. What’s the name of Courtney’s band?

  • manny

    you are the best surfer Dane….the talented ones..god bless

  • horsemensurf

    I just wish the media would stop making such a big deal about Dane and how he likes to drink. Not to sound corny, but it sends the wrong message and who gives a sh#t anyway. He likes beer. Great!

  • Brent

    Man, I have HAD IT with these surf journalists dragging Dane’s movie through the mud. Comparing it to JAMES JOYCE? That hack! What the hell did he ever do (besides reinvent literature and set the high-water mark for modernist thought)??? What’s next…the Julian Wilson film recalls Dexter Gordon’s progressive bop period in Paris? The Jamie O’Brien Project suggests De Kooning’s late 50’s dalliance in pure abstraction?

    I think I can safely speak for most of your readership when I say that such ho-hum comparisons reduce great surf movies to critical rubble.

  • EB&D

    @Brent: Do you have any thoughts of your own on this matter? Or do you, is that your thing, you come into a website, write some obscure passage and then pretend — you pawn it off as your own, as your own idea just to impress some readers, embarrass the author?

    See, the sad thing about a guy like you is, in 50 years you’re gonna start doin’ some thinkin’ on your own and you’re going to come up with the fact that there are two certainties in life: one, don’t do that, and two, you dropped (probably nothing, actually) on a fuckin’ education you could have got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library!

  • rex

    When does this come out? Is it a Quiksilver thing or not, just a Dane Reynolds Production … or a Marine Layer Production?

  • Ryano

    Who the fuck are we all to judge? Sit back and enjoy or change the DVD. Is everyone so fearful of Dane because he’s humble and makes his own decisions?

    @EB&D: Love those apples!

  • Westside

    your not being attacked by TARGET. YOUr are HELPING TARGET ATTACK>……..

  • EB&D

    @Westside: What is Target “attacking” exactly?

    I don’t get this “core” bellyaching from reactionary ignorant nativist impulses like you who think Team America Fuck Yeah! should be tattooed across all our children’s chests. Get a clue. The economy is global. Surfing is global. You are not Miki Dora. Target wants to give money to your sport. How can that harm surfing?

    “More people in the water?” How about more money pumped in to develop artificial reefs and wave pools? How about better boards so we can surf bad waves successfully? How about better wetsuits so we can surf anywhere, anytime? That’s what money buys, and money is what Target is offering.

  • James

    Why does Dane ride for Quiksilver and not, say, Coors? Or at least Analog or Insight? They would make him better and he would make them better. Quiksilver might pay the bills but damn, Dane, getcha somewhere that will give you the opportunity to do something real and important.

    (not Hurley)

  • Travis A

    I heard Dane was starting a beer company called Dane-gerous

  • Brent

    @EB&D – What is your native tongue? Are you posting via auto-translation software? Either you’re a next level prose whiz, or you’re not making sense.

    In any event, I crunched your numbers and…

    Your library late-fee to college-degree estimates are off by many thousands of dollars. I wish they weren’t.

    Furthermore, in 50 years, I am statistically prone to be dead, so any epiphanies are unlikely. But I’ll check back with you if I make it.

    And lastly, you sir, are guilty of “excessive” “quotation marks” and hereby “sentenced” to “read” this:

  • EB&D


    Oh, you arrogant shit! That’s why I don’t come to the goddamned message boards, ’cause I can’t stand that tone in your comments. Ya know, that condescending, embarrassed tone. You think I’m a failure. I know who I am, and I’m proud of what I do. I was a conscientious choice, I didn’t fuck up! And you and your cronies think I’m some sort of pity case. You and your kiss-ass chorus following you around going, “De Kooning reference! De Kooning reference!” Why are you still so fuckin’ afraid of failure?

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  • Ventucky

    Hey too serious Brent and too serious EB&D…GO SURFING!

  • Nick

    This is why Dane is my favorite surfer.

  • ddddddduuuuur

    man thats just so0o0o00o0o artsy, artsy is the new way to go man

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  • anonomys person

    hahahah, this is soo funny how one persons movie has caused so much controversy! i love it! i like the way he is willing to put whatever he wants to do, into this movie, wether people like it or not, it’s very cool. those two guys that are being real nasty to each other should just stop. there is no need for it, everyone is different in this world and everyone has different opinions and thats that. thankyou and goodbye.

  • Modern Jazz Quartet Fan

    ! was rcently talking about Lester Young vs. Wayne Shorter . This will prove useful in the debate.