SURFING Blog: Future Billabong XXL Nominee?

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / August 10, 2010


Guillaume Nery of France base jumps 663 feet deep underwater and poses some interesting questions: What if you could hold your breath for over three minutes? How might this correlate to surfing big waves and being held down for what normal humans consider a long time — like, 50 or 60 seconds? See you at Mavericks, Guillaume. Bastard.

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  • Travis A

    I wonder how Twiggy would do descending to the depths of that sink hole. I personally get held down for three seconds before I have a panic attack. Sick composition though

  • Awesome Vid, but fake.


    FREE FALL: World champion freediver Guillaume Nery special dive at Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath hold by the french champion Julie Gautier. This video is a FICTION and an ARTISTIC PROJECT. Edited by BLUENERY (c). Music: ARCHIVE – you make me feel.

  • Jack Hicks

    whatever still sick rigth?

  • don’t care

    So what if that video is fake? They could have a team of scuba divers just out of view pumping that guys lungs full of the finest Swiss O2 there is and it’s still gnarly. There is no way I’m jumping in that hole on 1 breath or 10. Sick video.

  • Confucius Says…

    Here is Guillaume breaking the world record:

    The video in this article is simply an artistic version. This guy is still the real deal.

  • Andres

    I don´t think that Guillaume could suvirve to any beg wave speciallly if your are surfing waves like Maveriks, Teahupoo even Pipe when it`s breaking from the second reef or is double overhead…

    When you have a wipeoout in that kind of wave…

    1.- you have so much adrenaline that you could explote any second
    2.- you are so scare to die in that water
    3.- if you fall… God please save that dude…

    and the most important thing to is that you arent hold your breath on a pool.. you are on a huge mountain of water that could take your breath any second

  • Stan the Man

    This is rad.

  • Sam

    This guy could get reeeeeallly high off of one pull, I bet.

  • Rob C

    Awesome vid. Let’s drag that guy out to Mavs this winter and see how he handles. I guess he could just swim all the way in under water if he wanted to.

  • James

    @Sam something tells me he’s not a smoker, but if he is, I’ll be twice as impressed.

  • Tim

    And I thought I was doing good by holding my breath under water the full length of a city recreational pool, like 50 yards or something. I’ve heald my breath for 1:40 sec before. I can’t imagine that depth though. Nice video.