SURFING Blog: Issue Release Party

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / August 9, 2010

Photos by Jimmicane

The point of these monthly parties is to toast the new issue of SURFING and whoever gets the cover shot — still probably the highest distinction in all surf media.

This month was special because of the US Open, which brought to Orange County a few thousand reluctant +/- randy +/- good-looking +/- uninhibited surf folk. Professionals with their people, the media, the industrials, the mainstream, the fans, the groupies and cougars, the children — everyone has been south of LA, north of SD and west of I-5 for the past week. Our Issue Release Party landed in the middle of that week like an arrow in a bulls-eye.

Result: The event was a frolicking success befitting an absolutely stellar issue of SURFING, if I do say so myself, and clearly I do. Sean Penn was in the house. Andy Irons made a speech to the party from atop a chair behind the bar. We had such a good time that we simply must share it and beseech you to seek out a good time of your own, wherever you may be. Thanks to all who came and to all who will come to the next one. Also, in congratulation for nailing the cover, a well-earned nod to Phillip Andrew Irons, whose bathwater we’d gladly sip from a brandy snifter.

—Stuart Cornuelle

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  • Stan the Man

    Is Randy Irons back on the juice?

  • EB&D

    Can you write a story about Andy Irons and partying? I thought you couldn’t. Don’t you know the rules!?

  • Yeah…

    Surf website…but no surf photos. Oh, I see, there are PHOTOS of surf photos. Sort of kind of almost. Ok, never mind, that’s alright. Way to go Jimmicane. BTW when is the next one and am I invited and is it open bar??? If not THAT’S BULLSH*******T

  • Jackson

    I noticed that you didn’t caption which Hobgood that is. Is that because you can’t tell them apart? If so, just come out and admit it.

  • Alex K.

    Kauai represent! But AI looks kinda frightening, like a villain. Like he’s gonna take ya babies.

  • joe shmoe

    AI sucks d%$# for coke

  • James

    “whose bathwater we’d gladly sip from a brandy snifter.”

    You’d get wasted if you did this.

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  • SpongeJackBulgePants

    Yee ‘ole Alcoholics Anonymous

    haha nah andys fucking badass

  • JT



    No. 2 to

  • BP

    Hey – that’s a good looking bar! Where is it?

  • Emo

    I actually think so too=) I have been surfing around the internet for some time this week, and its kinda hard to find anything good to read on blogs:P Maybe thats because there are too many of those around =) But this site actually keeps catching my attention. Great posts, and cool design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more time from now on =P