SURFING Blog: Will Kelly Slater Kick Your Ass?

posted by / Blogs / August 11, 2010

Kelly Slater: “I went to see Vitor Belfort yesterday and BJ [Penn] was in the middle of his training. Everyone was sitting around talking and BJ called me and Jason Parillo out to see our Jiu Jitsu skills. If you watch this, you probably aren’t going to see them. But they’re there…somewhere.

Question: Doesn’t Parillo train every day? And shouldn’t he just be able to tap me out? We have an agreement to do this once a year during the summer. Next year, I plan to get him in a heel lock. Don’t tell him.”


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13 Responses to “SURFING Blog: Will Kelly Slater Kick Your Ass?”

  1. Carr says:

    Are you kidding me right now? That was damn impressive

  2. James says:

    Kelly vs. Joel Tudor, shortboard vs. longboard, east vs. west

    To the octagon! Surfing, please set this up. I will only take 1/2 the ticket sales money for the idea.

  3. Jeff says:

    I am sure Quiksilver loves to see that

  4. Stan the Man says:

    Does Kelly take a cheap shot by starting early? Shit, either way, that’s pretty crazy. I guess he grew up with brothers though…brotherhood is basically a form of jui jitsu training.

  5. SpongeJackBulgePants says:

    You guys should set up a classic Kelly vs. Andy bought. And send me some fucking money so I can go somewhere. Haha

  6. fla says:

    Wonder if Andy’s still thinking of ways to punch slater now?????

  7. felipe says:

    well, if you wear white wetsuits you better be able to kick some ass.

  8. Renato Tavares says:

    Hope see Kelly in Cocoa or Vero Beach and have opportunity to train with him.

  9. nat says:

    what happened to this video??

  10. O Boy says:

    slater has some skills besides surfing, that was classic.

  11. Greg from Indy says:

    Having 2 brothers definitely makes a difference in your fighting skills. Hell, we still go at it, and I’m older than Kelly. Great match!

  12. Henrik says:

    I think it’s quite beautiful when two men want to share their love for eachother with the internet :’)

  13. Joao Paulo says:

    Kelly, if you see this reply please listen carefully ! stop this crap right now. This sport will damage your knees. Nobody can do it without hearting the knees. You don’t need it to be great. You are already great and someone is trying to sell you the wrong thing. Probably someone not close to you and who will profit with you. Get out of it as soon as you can. Go back to boxing if you want to fight. Hope you listen to me. Take care. Go back to water !!!! please !!

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