The Scoop: Balaram Stack Finds a New Logo

posted by / Blogs / May 3, 2013

Balaram Stack Signs With Volcom. Photo: Jimmicane


SURFING Magazine's Scoop

People look back on the surf industry a decade ago and think of it as a degenerate redneck that won the lottery. Money was seemingly endless and financial foresight was just plain tacky. Everybody was getting paid supple amounts of money for doing anything back then, but things have changed. The hand that feeds has gotten arthritis and its portions have become more European. Budgets have been sliced and team riders have been skinned. The Mountain Dew fountain has run dry.

Like many other folks, Balaram Stack felt the effects of the industry’s arthritis. When his longtime sponsor, Quiksilver, dropped him, Bal was left hungry. There were so many surfers in his position and there were so few companies with loose checkbooks. What was he to do?

Balaram dropped an edit, flaunting the empty advertising space on his beak. And earlier this week, good fortune called. Bal answered.—Brendan Buckley

SURFING Magazine: So you’re riding for Volcom now?
Balaram Stack: Yeah, it’s pretty much all said and done; I just need to sign the papers. It was cool, because my manager let me do a lot of the talking. I wanted to make the whole thing more personal, because I think it’s important to feel that sense of family with a brand.


Was it stressful to be unsponsored?
It’s not really the best time ever to be looking for a sponsor. Everyone is kinda set with what they’re doing, and it’s not like companies have disposable income right now. I guess that was on my mind, but I just kept surfing and doing my thing. I was in Australia when I got dropped and I had like three more weeks there, so I didn’t really know what else to do besides keep surfing and keep on going.

And that was when you made that Spring Cleaning video?
The only reason that came out was because I got dropped. I wasn’t really planning on doing an edit or anything, but we had a filmer with us and I was just like, alright well I guess I should put out a clip. I really wanted to get something out as soon as possible without a sticker on. Just to like, I don’t know, show people that I’m surfing.

Is having a new sponsor going to change your approach?
I’ll pretty much be on the same program, but better. Volcom is just a better fit for what I like to do. They’re making a movie, so hopefully I’ll get to be a part of that. And I’ll be doing fewer contests. The only reason that I was doing contests was to get into the Volcom Pipe Pro and they can get me a wild card. They actually don’t really want me to do contests, so that’s not gonna be my focus at all. I’m just gonna keep surfing and doing trips.


Before we hung up, Balaram disclosed his plans to head to the casino that night. Later on that evening, he texted me saying that he was up $200.

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  • Carlson

    Yeah bal congrats brother!!

  • michael

    That’s awesome Volcom is the coolest! Congrats Balaram and Volcom!

  • JGL

    So let me get this straight…. Bal lost his paycheck due to cutbacks and gets a new sponsor (which I do think fits his game better than Wacksilver). But then goes to the casino and starts spending??? Sure he was up $200, but that mentality is why the surf industry is where it is. Hope your saving something bud, the knees will give out eventually. Congrats thought, you definitely deserve a logo more than most…

  • You R A Kook

    FACT: For every 1.2 million white male surfer kooks in America, 1 is sponsored.

  • RDB

    Can think of at least five guys unsponsored that surf better than this spoiled little kid. One name being Mason Ho, WTF surf industry is a joke.

  • rattone

    stoked for this dude, definitely well deserved. the industry is shit right now, good to see one of the majors step up and sign the right person for a change. he deserved a night out at the casino’s, you can’t take the shit with you anyways?

  • Balsack Sucks

    Who gives a crap. Balarimsack sucks.

  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    The dudes who owned volcom, pulled a good joke one on the surf community recently and sold Volcom . Volcom is now owned by a french fashion company called “PPR”. “PPR” also owns “Yves st Laurent”- which makes a women’s fashion line of clothing. “PPR” also owns “Gucci”- which makes high end purses and accessories for women, and now they own Volcom. Totally non-surfer owned-(come on people- where’s the outrage?)- a french purse and fashion company, trying to buy their way into surf culture. How core is that? So when balaran says volcom is a better “fit”, he might want to be a little more careful with his choice of words. So good luck with your next Volcom purse, oops, I mean purchase. Just might be a good time for a volcom boycott. Peace

  • Carlson

    RDP. Mason Ho is sponsored and doing fine. You should get your facts straight before you post such negative shit. Also to all you other guys that post fake names and bitch and complain, figure it out. Ball rushes pipe and surfs better then you do anywhere else around the world. Anyways I’m happy for the kid not to many guys grew up surfing 32 degree water with negative air temps and have been able to make it. Enjoy your trip to Vegas!

  • BUFU

    Yeah Bal, glad to hear the news. Although remember Volcom like many of the others are publicly traded companies. Don’t get too caught up in this family feeling atmosphere. At the end of the day they are a corporation who have a responsibility to their shareholders. Meaning the only thing they care about are their quarterly statements. Money Money Money!! Keep charging and pushing your limits.

  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Carlson, please be a little more specific and state which facts are incorrect. Everything I said about Volcom can be googled, and is public knowledge. And who or what is the ‘RDP’ you mentioned? Hey, sometimes the truth can hurt. And remember, the best waves ever ridden- by a ‘so called pro surfer’ or anyone – will always be the waves you ride yourself. Peace…

  • monaliza

    ….this one goes for all the negative commeNTERS!
    “YOUR ENVY IS SO OBVIOUS!” … you know.

  • Sliding Sense

    Education Balaram. It’s a beautiful thing…

  • spring cleaning Lady

    RDB .. i heard mason ho’s hand went on fire jerking off to spring cleaning clips

    tony (ty) carson big isalnd says.. i heard bals in vegas bagging your mother with his gucci suit…

    Balsack Sucks.. we know who u are….. theres alot more guys out the girl

    carlson… Your the man

  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    carlson, could you be more specific about what facts you feel aren’t truthful. And what or who is ‘RDP’? Everything I stated about Volcom can be googled and is public knowledge. Sometimes the truth hurts. And just remember, the best waves ever ridden -by a so called pro surfer or anyone -are the waves you ride yourself. Peace..

  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Just a tag line on this- Volcom’s motto was “Youth against Establishment”. ‘PPR’ is a multi- billion dollar mainstream corporate giant with revenues of 12 billion and assets of 69 billion, a lot of that coming from the fashion industry, (Gucci, Yves st Laurent, ect.), and has 47,000 employes. If this doesn’t quite fit the definition of establishment, I’m not sure what does. By selling volcom to ‘PPR’ -it seems “Volcom”- now is the “establishment”- or at least, a big part of it. They have become what they were rebelling against. Every dollar given to volcom- goes directly into PPR’s pocket. The exects. at PPR, are probably sitting in their corporate offices somewhere, in their suits and ties, sipping a drink and having a good laugh, how easy it was to buy into surf culture,(or what little is left of it). So once again, good luck with your next volcom purse, oops, I mean purchase. Peace..

  • mike

    tony ty carson or whatever carlson was talking to a different guy on here. Rdp is a different person not you so calm down man.

  • blahblahblah

    Do any of you morons think that any clothes company “Is not corporate”?… what are you some kinda stupid!!! Yeah Quicksilver, Billabong, Hurley they dont care about making a profit their about the LIFE!!! (Sarcasm) And of course a guy that is from the most densely populated area of the country that has zero “pro surfers” Is going to get special treatment. Kinda like the first female race car driver gets way more media attention than her results warrent. its called good business not unfairness

  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Hey, mike, I just asked a simple question. And blaa, your right, Quickdollars, biilabog, hurl, are all corporate now- but in the beginning, they were just small companies – “surfers selling to surfers”. Now, with the surfing boom, they smelled the money and have mutated into corporations, and could care less now who buys their products, as long as they make a buck at the end of the day. I became so disgusted with their greed and exploitation of the lifestyle, that about 6 years ago, I took all my surf tees, (quickdollars, rip cur, ect), put them in my yard, poured some gas on them, and burnt them, (true story), and never looked back. I believe a lot of hardcore surfers feel the same, seems like a good time for a rebellion. Peace..

  • Barry M


    So you’re telling me, you burned your clothes, polluted the environment when you could have gave to the needy, all in the name of corporation hatred? At the end of it all, you went out and supported another future corporation t shirt line? Interesting rebellion concept. Pollute, don’t recycle, then buy new. Hmm. I think you’re on to something.


  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Barry, if you really read my post, I never used the word “hate”. I said I became “disgusted” with the surf industry’s greed and exploitation. Another definition of disgusted is- sickened or offended. And I did burn their tees- no regrets there. And where do you read anywhere in my post, I went and supported another t-shirt line. I still feel I’m part of the tribe, I just don’t need a corporate logo on my back to try and prove it. Peace..

  • Adam

    ‘part of the tribe’???
    just go surf and who gives a crap about clothing companys… Worrying about what ur wearing is the exact same thing chicks do when they buy a purse… Obviously these companys are about making $$$… its call business. Someone like Balaram is a marketing tool for these businesses to make more $$$. thats all this is all about… many people are stoked to see someone like Bal able to keep travelling and do what we all dream of doing… the kid charges and packs heavy barrels! Good for him… Sure he may not b qualifyin for the CT anytime soon… but the kid can hold his own anywhere in the world… Many people especially from his home town are very Proud of him and stoked to see him be successful… if u dont have anything good to say… dont say anything at all. pretty simple…

  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Dude, its a free world, I can voice my opinion- positive or negative-just the way you are doing it on your post. If you read my posts, I never said anything negative about balaran. But if I’m disgusted by these so called surf industry companies- mass marketing surfing to the masses, to stuff their own pockets, I can voice my opinion. Your the one who called balaran, a “marketing tool”, for volcom, oops -I mean “PPR” -the french fashion company who owns Gucci and now owns volcom. So good luck with your next volcom purse-oops I mean purchase. Still might be a good time for a volcom boycott.Peace..

  • Mike Anderson

    Ha ha Indo has been so good this month… Surf and let live…