The SURFING Blog: Memoirs of My Month, Chapter 4

posted by / Blogs / September 28, 2010

In the editing bay with Jamie's film.

In the editing bay with Jamie's film.


Editor’s Note: Chas Smith is SURFING’s roving reporter on things in and around and sometimes unrelated to the world of surfing. We don’t ask questions.


I am back from Europe and it was tres the best! Totally tres! I strutted down Milano streets throwing money to the wind and martinis down my throat. I had an anchovy one in the courtyard of Dolce and Gabbana. The Greek goddess across my table sipped a basil and strawberry. Amazing.

But I returned to Venice. California. Because I am directing a surf film featuring Jamie O’Brien. And I am running counter to the tour. They were in California, I was in Italy. They are in France I am in California. I am running counter even though I love the tour and thrill that Kelly Slater has returned to his perch, looking down at others. Sneering a little at past champions (Irons, Fanning) and future champions (Smith, Reynolds). He will win ten in ten. No one else will ever touch.

I was in a small café eating deer and drinking bottles and bottles of red when he won at Trestles. The news spread through my company and people clapped and whistled low under breath. Kelly. “Massively good, that one.” “And still handsome.” And he so is. I interviewed him for film not a month ago. He looks not his age. His bluest eyes even more intense than when he was a young Cocoa.

Kelly will win ten in ten. No one else will ever even win five.

And the tour is in France, basking in topless Gauls and cream and Manet autumn. Kelly will win the event. The crowds will cheer. And I am in Venice, sitting next to savant editor Dayten, blowing blue grey streams of Camel Crush smoke out of my mouth toward two large Apple monitors while Jamie gets real pitted in Tahiti.

How great is surfing? Tres!

—Chas Smith

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  • Steve Briggs

    Journalism 101 asks that you never make yourself part of the story. Charlie is the story here and so is his sexuality. How in the hell did Mr Smith get the Directorial role for this movie. The rumor mill has suggested some heavy things.

  • Stan the Man

    Ugh. Why does this exist?

  • Steve Briggs

    Seriously, who in the hell at Surfing Magazine looks this shit over and “approves” what goes up here? Real question there. Are you kidding me, Charlie Smith, that is what Surfing Magazine has gone to? I know that Pete Taras, your esteemed photo editor, would understand what I am saying. He experienced Flame in his Golden Years and could comment on how far this has sunk.
    The post with photos on the Lowers notebook is probably the best thing going as far a Surf websites and then we get this. Raise yourself to the standard of what Flame would have done and ask yourself the question, do we need Charlie Smith?

  • Taras

    I personally love Chaz. I thought he story on Craig Anderson was amazing. He’s a personality. A small piece of a puzzle. ESPN has opinion pieces all over their site. I like opinions.

    In a nutshell…..I think of the surf industry two humans. The construction worker and the fashionista. The construction worker is always going to dislike the fashionista. The fashionista doesn’t care what the construction worker thinks. Yin and Yang, oil and vinegar. I personally love and respect both. You’ll see Steve, we got so houses we’re building for you….

  • Mike Powers

    First it was suppose to be Samuel Lewis to Direct this movie, now Chas smith ? Chas Smith has no opinion, he gets paid about $1500 a month and he thinks he is a writer. Infact the person who created Chas Smith once said its not who writes it, its who claims to write it….Chas is just a puppet for everyones viewing and he loves all the attention you give him. The more you talk shit about him the more he is going to be around…the less you mention his name the quicker he will leave…

  • Andrew

    This guys writing blows. Stop touching yourself, dude.

  • Neapolitan Mastiff

    Chas… know anyone who might be right for the gig?
    Inquiry minds want to know.

  • Chodes

    camel crushes? step up your game chaz

  • Exit 98

    tres bullshit …