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posted by / Blogs, Editorial / October 18, 2010

SURFING’s Associate Photo Editor, Jimmicane Wilson, had been back from the Mentawais for about five minutes when an email came in inviting him on a Reef trip to the Philippines. Sounded promising: Alana Blanchard, Paul Fisher, Cloud 9…soon Jimmicane’s desk was empty yet again. But it seems the swell didn’t cooperate. This email came back to the office a week into the trip, and our jealousy has since abated.


The Philippines, beautifully flat. Photo: Jimmicane

The Philippines, beautifully flat. Photo: Jimmicane


From: Jimmicane

Subject: H.O.E.


We are getting royally skunked. Worse skunk trip I’ve ever been on and I don’t think it’s going to get any better. Waves are not shootable at all. We missed our domestic flight by 10 minutes once we got here and had to take a different flight, a 12-hour ferry, then a three-hour ferry and a 45-minute cab ride. Fucking crazy.

Check out this boat we were on [below]. I thought we were bout to get murked. We took over the corner spot and dudes were vibe-ing us out.

There is one positive on this trip and that would be Alana. Haven’t gotten any good photos of her yet but I will take her off and try to shoot something once we get some good lighting.



Twelve-hour ferry ride: close quarters for surfboarders. Photo: Jimmicane

Close quarters for surfboarders. Photo: Jimmicane

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  • Bob

    This is all just creepy. Go Jags?

  • look north

    a free photoshoot of Alana ? I guess it would be free if someone with the name jimmicane was trying to take pictures.

  • Imaikalani

    Shut the fuck up you spoiled rotten haole. Go back to Dana Point and shut the fuck up.

  • look north

    Jags lost. Did you jag on your trip ?

  • Jimmicane

    I would’ve wrote a better email if I knew you guys were going to use it, but just to clarify on something, the subject H.O.E. is short for “hell on earth”. It’s one of my favorite phrases and always used in exaggeration. This trip was fun even though we got no waves.

  • Severn

    What is that Hawaiian guy so mad about? I mean, it’s not the most fascinating article of all time I agree, but dat moke wan beef ’bout something.

    Maybe him need one plate lunch to calm down?

  • Yeah

    who gives a fuck? everybody has shitty trips. ooh, a long ferry ride or two! wow! how gnarly! you missed your flight! omg!! what torture! at least your corporate handjob attempt was fully paid-for, you whining cunt. shut the fuck up already.

  • Editor

    yeah, had Jimmy lost all his gear then been thrown in jail that would be HOE. But I think most of use would love to pal up with Alana.

  • Seves of the Sea

    I think a distinction must be made here. Who’s hell was worse?
    -Jimmy being stuck on a fucking beautiful island riding boats and cabs and planes and shit with by far the only hot chick he’s ever had the company of. -Or- Alana gettng dragged around by a NFL fanatic trying to impress her with his art of taking quality booty shots? The poor girl…

  • Nutty

    Heres the truth guy’s Cyclone Jimmicane blew out on the 15th and Typhoon Megi blew in a 4 to 6ft swell on the 16th and we all scored.
    As hot as Alana is first and formost the girl surfs really good, style and everything. Philippines is a rad country, Surfing mag rules so everybdoy love everybody….hahaha

  • The bodie Zaffa

    Cry me a river. Jimmigayne is quite the sucker fish, how he is employed by surfingmag or remotely relevant in the surfing community is beyond me, but I do take a liking to him as we’re from close to the same locay. I dont think the problem is so much with his pointless email, it’s surfingmag not having any exciting material to put out for today. Go interview Bruce Irons or figure out many times AI has dabbled with Columbian Bam Bam. I would like my 2 mintutes of life back, but on second thought everybody on here’s killin time at work, so scratch that.

  • Cleo

    Zaffa –

    I hate your message, but on second thought, I like it. I mean, it’s sort of wishy-washy, but then again it’s totally focused.

    So, that’s my first point. My second point is “interview Bruce Irons” is not a cure for bland content. Here, I’ll interview him right now:

    SURFING: Hi Bruce. How are you?
    BI: What? (chuckles)

    And BTW, you misspelled Jimmicane. Oh wait, I see what you did there! You put “gay” into his name!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAAHsuckmyballs.

  • joko

    you should have come this weekend or the last.
    typhoon just gave the PI 15 foot waves ++

  • grandpa rizzle

    would have to agree with Cleo. Bruce has about as many interesting things to say as a terd on a rock. As for colombian bam bam and Ai, that takes grandpa back to the good old days. So for the record Reef sucks, Alana’s hot as shit, and Jimmicizane is the man!!

  • bK

    Alana and Mitch need to get together.

    They’re both into exposure.

  • TLR

    Pity the waves suck, make sure you still dress right, guys. And hopefully the conditions will pick up. Still would rather be there than behind this desk fellas – TLR

  • ash

    You guys just missed out on the night surfing too – that would have made things slightly more interesting for your dull article:

  • Ripko

    You guys have obviously never been to the finest of establishments in the sunny, warm, and beautiful shores of the nations oldest city, Saint Augustine. I know this because if you’ve ever been here and seen the luxurious women Jimmicane fends off with a light meter on an hourly occurrence, you would know the robustness of Alana’s rump isn’t even on the radar for this lensmith. The mere thought that any of the sheer numbers-game-freshmen-15 sluggin a jager-bomb at free drinks on a Friday, Saturday, or even Monday night is almost to much for any Philippine-o, cot sharing, messageboard forum vibin, not present and accounted for….Brah to handle. Bleedat


    So, uh, is October a good time to go or not?